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1.46 Inch PM OLED Module displaySize: 1.46" Lattice: 128*128 Color: 260k full color Thickness: 1.61 Glass size: 33.5 * 33.5 A/A size: 26.279 * 26.284 Pixel size: 0.2055 * 0.2055

 1.46 Inch OLED Module display

  Welcome to wholesale the customized high quality M0009a color OLED display module made in China from our factory. We are known as one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers in OLED industry and we are equipped with a professional factory. Welcome to contact us.

Drive mode: passive matrix

Size: 1.46 inch

Color: 260 k full color

Thickness: 1.61

Pixel size: 0.2055 * 0.2055

Binding mode: COF package

Like: RGB 128 x 128

Display area (mm) : 26.279 * 26.284

Glass size (mm) : 33.5 x 33.5 * 1.6

Pin number: 37

Color color: 262,144 Colors

Power supply voltage: 2.4~3.5V

Frame rate: 100 Frames/Sec

Working temperature: - 40 ~ 85 ℃

Storage temperature: - 40 ~ 85 ℃

Brightness: 90 (Typ) CD/m2

Drive voltage: 16.5V

Hardware interface: Parallel / 4-wire SPI

Drive: IC SSD1351

OLED is the spontaneous light material, not need to use the back plate, at the same time, the view is wide, the picture quality is uniform, the reaction speed is fast, easy to color, with the simple drive circuit Can achieve the light, make the process simple, can make the flexural type panel, conform to thin and small principle, the application scope belongs to medium and small size panel.

Display: active lighting and wide Angle of view; Fast response and stable image; High brightness, rich color, high resolution.

Working conditions: driving low power and low energy consumption can be matched with solar cells and integrated circuits.

Wide adaptability: using glass substrate to realize large scale panel display; A foldable display can be made using a flexible material as a substrate. Because of the OLED

Are all solid state, the vacuum device, shock resistance, resistance to low temperature 40 ℃ (-), and other characteristics, is also extremely important in military application, such as used as modern weapons such as tanks, aircraft display terminal.


1 ) meeting rooms/school classrooms/office building


2 ) other commercial and residential place's lamp or light


3 ) Industry electronic application like Meter, Testing machine

4 ) hospitals/factories/hotel

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