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You May Be Surprised To See These Kinds Of LED Technology
Sep 16, 2017

You may be surprised to see these kinds of LED technology!

At present, due to the low light power of uv-c LED, the sterilization force is weak, mainly used in small sanitary products, including the LED of the toothbrush sterilizer for 1mW, and the sterilized LED of the humidifier is 2mW. It is reported that LG Innotek has developed the world's most powerful sterilization of uv-c LED, with a wavelength of 280 nanometers (nm) and an LED light of up to 70 milliwatts (mW). Its bactericidal force is 1 higher than the existing 40mW LED. Five times, and can sterilize water and air. Uv-c leds sterilize at 200 to 280nm wavelengths in ultraviolet LED, and prevent reproduction by destroying the DNA of bacteria such as e. coli and salmonella.

LG Innotek has 280nm UVC LED and 3365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm uv-a LED to sterilization, and 305nm uv-b LED, which is suitable for all kinds of products. Using the self-developed vertical LED chip technology, the optical power limit of uv-c is breached. The power is continuously improved, and the heat generated is effectively discharged, thus ensuring high quality reliability. Although its width is only 6 mm (mm), the thickness is 1. 35mm, but its sterilization performance has reached the most in the world today. It also applies to manufacturing hardening equipment. Because of the strong UV output, the performance of the curing device can be improved.

A tiny OLED screen with a pixel density of up to 2940ppi

Today, virtual reality experiences are pursuing higher resolution, higher refresh rate, lighter weight, and lower power consumption. The Lightning OLED microscreen developed by Kopin, a wearable electronics manufacturer in the us state of Massachusetts, is capable of dramatically improving virtual reality. According to the introduction, this Lightning screen is not on the glass, but USES OLED arrays on silicon, which integrates Fresnel lens and laminated optics in the prototype.

At this year's CES, the company showed a 1inch screen with a resolution of 2048 * 2048, with a pixel density of up to 2940ppi, with a refresh rate of up to 120 hz and a delay of 10 milliseconds. Kopin has previously said that the next generation of OLED microscreens will allow the resolution to reach 3,000 * 3000, which can be embedded in various sizes of VR headsets.

A new generation of COB devices for directional lighting applications such as spotlights

Recently, samsung electronics announced the launch of a new generation of covariance devices - a new series of COB products. It has a higher light effect, suitable for various professional MR lamps, PAR lights, commercial lighting and lighting applications, such as spotlights, headlights and ceiling lamps. According to introducing, D series COB new product can provide the light efficiency can reach 160 lm/W (CCTS 5000 k, 80 CRI, 5000 ° C), compared with the previous generation of products are improved, and the thermal resistance greatly reduced by 50%. The new products have greatly enriched the SamsungCOB product lineup, providing a broader selection of light sources for directional lighting such as spotlights.

The new generation D series COB products can provide 11 different power choices, with high performance and high reliability, which can meet the technical requirements of DLC Premium standards. New products are from CRI70 + + 90 to a variety of color rendering index options, and can provide for the retail market, chromatography and optimization scheme to achieve "high color saturation" lighting application, can meet many lighting designer of various lighting situations demand of richer, more vivid color.

Replaceable flashlight with LED fingertip lamp gloves

A built-in LED finger-tip lamp, called T2 Glove Light, combines a flashlight with a Glove function. At T2 Glove Light, the back of Glove Light is equipped with a switch button that can be used to Light the built-in LED finger tips when needed. T2 Glove Light is a very thoughtful design, not only with LED lights in your fingertips, but also with LED bulbs. The switch button can also control five finger lights and a palm lamp, allowing them to shine and shine at the same time.

The two T2 Glove Light gloves can be charged via a USB cable and can be used continuously for 2 after each charge. 5 hours. In addition to using T2 Glove Light as a tool Glove for maintenance work, it's also great for running and playing at night. With this LED glove, you can not only be a good helper for your work, but also protect it at night. It sounds like the best of both worlds.


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