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With The Controversial LED Screen Smart Accompanying Cup
Sep 16, 2017

With the controversial LED screen smart accompanying cup

1. Drinking water is just what you need, but "smart" isn't just needed. Intelligent concepts have become the ultimate weapon for entrepreneurs to raise their product capabilities. For them, there is no concept of "intelligence". Based on this point of view, a pile of "fancy" smart features comes into being, such as remotely reminding friends to drink water, App drinking water and so on.

2. There is no value in drinking water data. Although most intelligent water with emphasis on the precision glass intelligent monitoring, can obtain the amount of water every day, but for the user, the data is not too big significance, cannot produce normative guidance to its daily habit of drinking water. What the user wants is not the data, but the data corresponding health advice.

As a representative of the domestic smart water cup entrepreneur, Michael's team is also reflecting on these two issues. Xiao-liang li, founder of the company in today's WeChat new conference for the more than 300 entrepreneurs hardware circle, media reporters, "we hope, the intelligent glass no matter how intelligent, first of all, it should be a good cup". What kind of product is a good cup? What are the criteria for a good cup of water? At the WeChat press conference, li xiaoliang revealed their thinking results for the first half of the year and launched a new brand product, the Seed intelligent trailing cup.

On the positive side, the Seed intelligent trailing cup is not very different from a regular thermos. You don't associate Seed with the concept of a smart water cup, with a stainless steel surface, a colorful look, a metallic lid, and a Cuptime modern look. In the impression, the cup body of the intelligent water cup should be equipped with LED breathing lamp and the eye-catching design, which are not reflected in the cup body of Seed. "A smart water cup, if it doesn't look like it's going to attract users in the first place, means it's going to lose 80% of its users," a smart water cup project entrepreneur said.

Without design to attract users, what is the understanding of the "good cup"? "A good cup must be diverse in materials, shape, capacity, appearance and function, etc., so that the user will feel good and feel good," li said. Based on this standard, the team began to work on the materials, appearance, and functions of the Seed intelligence accompanying cup.

After a long period of investigation, the cup body material, Seed selected Nippon steel imports 304 stainless steel. According to the introduction, this material compared with domestic stainless steel, south Korean stainless steel has relatively high stability, in the salt mist test can guarantee almost no rust. In addition, as a thermos cup, the insulation performance of the cup is also an important aspect of the team consideration. In the end, Michael chose "sandwich plating and nitrogen welding process", which can guarantee the heat transfer of the material itself in the vacuum sandwich, and improve the insulation performance of the cup body.

But in the end, Seed is still a smart water cup. With the "intelligent" gene, how to get rid of the concept of "pseudo intelligence" which has long existed in the intelligent water cup, and restore the real intelligent function to users? Michael open team's solution is to concentrate all the function of intelligent design on the lid, includes water quantity monitoring, remind of drinking water, water temperature monitoring, high temperature warning, expired, such as water to remind the user by touching the lid can view the water in the cup. The interaction of all information is achieved through the LED lattice screen on the lid of the cup, and it is free from the operation of checking the information through the App.

It is worth mentioning that how to accurately detect the water content in the water cup has always been a technical difficulty. Cuptime generation used in the technical principle of the pressure sensor for testing, although 2 generations Cuptime released at the conference adopted the capacitive pressure sensor, but still can not fundamentally solve the intelligent detection problem under water cup in a variety of scenarios, such as general intelligence smooth glass needs to be placed on the desktop to testing, water immediately after drink can't measure, to some extent, affected the accuracy of the data. In order to solve this problem, Seed used Air - Elastic technology, by monitoring the Air inside the cup, and to achieve indirect monitoring of water, without any contact with water, the volume of water, can be measured as xiao-liang li stressed that "Air know everything". According to the introduction, wheat has applied for technical patent for Air-Elastic technology.

Overall, simply from the perspective of "smart" to judge Seed, this product does not have too many points, not tall, on big data analysis, do not need to App connection, also has the features of heavy and complicated, but that does not hinder us to it the definition of smart glass. On the user's required functionality, Seed does not give up the opportunity to innovate and hide the new technology. For some senseless demands, Mr McCain has done his best to show restraint. This design considers not only the product concept of "intelligent regression", but also the price of Seed. Compared with the price of the ordinary smart water cup for several hundred yuan, the price of 129 yuan is a conscience. In addition, the customizable appearance pattern design, also let the Seed consumer group have a certain degree of extension.


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