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Where Is Good LED Lights, Do You Really Know?
Feb 20, 2017

In very long period of time, human use oil lamp, candle lamp, or more gas as the light source. Until 1879, when Thomas Edison invented the first real has a widely practical value of the electric light, changed the human history of lighting, the modern age when human beings to electricity for lighting. The subsequent incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp further affected the human life.

In 1962 America's general electric lighting change human history again and invention of the visible light leds. In Japan in the 90 s, the company through blue LED technology, launched a wide range of LED application time, LED light source has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, the epochal characteristics will lead the lighting industry has entered a new era, is called the fourth generation of lighting source.

Unlike incandescent lamp, halogen lamp and fluorescent lamp these light source, LED light source in the process of light will not produce harmful chemicals, and itself using non-toxic materials, can also recycle, also known as the "green light".

Keep up with the progress of The Times the pace of, the United States, Kate, with three years of time, focus on research and development of LED lighting, more than ten thousand times the preciseness of the experiment test, for, is the feeling of the light do better.

Beauty, Kate, high core LED out...

Beauty, Kate high core LED lights, lights illuminate even without a dark space, higher light efficiency; Matrix chip configuration mode, in which a single chip is damaged, do not affect the overall glow. At the same time, the United States, Kate high core LED long service life, it USES high quality drives, completely eradicate stroboscopic; Stable performance, high reliability, ensure the service life of 50000 hours, is the service life of the ordinary LED 3-5 times. In addition to beauty, Kate high core LED IP65, dust-proof waterproof level for one hundred percent ash dust proof, water spray directly is absolutely safe.

Beauty, Kate high core LED lamp, create a more safe and comfortable for you and household environment with good taste. When you after a day's busy, returned home and opened the lights, the beauty of the home will instantly appear in front of your eyes. You can see the dress up between wei yu area has plenty of light; You can see the eat hutch food more attractive, between which there is no doubt that the ornament of the romance of your life. And you also need not worry about indoor have lights can't find the dead Angle, each a bright bright and beautiful. If you choose beauty, Kate high core LED lights, you can have all!