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What Is The Difference Between Halogen Lamps, Xenon Lights, LED Lamps
Jul 07, 2017

What is the difference between halogen lamps, xenon lights, LED lamps

We first used black and white TV, with color TV, black and white TV set to be phased out. With smartphones, fewer people are using them.

But the headlights are an exception, the earliest cars used were halogen lamps, and then xenon headlights and third-generation leds came out. The main characters were halogen lamps. What the hell is going on here?

I'll tell you that the biggest advantage of halogen lamps is that they are cheap. To put it bluntly, you put the incandescent lamp in the lampshade, which is a halogen lamp, basically a principle with a flashlight.

There is another reason that halogen lamps have not been eliminated, and the light from incandescent bulbs is yellow. The light of yellow color, in rain, snow, foggy weather is stronger. For driving safety, the benefits are obvious.

Halogen lamps have many advantages and disadvantages. As a result, it is more expensive. Second, the brightness of the light will slowly dim, which is very confusing. One time I was in my friend's car and I said, "how can you be so dark?" He said no, it's always so bright.

You see, I use the car every day. It's so dark that it doesn't even notice its change. I don't want to change a light bulb. Actually change a light bulb very cheap, general bulb ten dollars can buy.

The light gets darker and darker, and the sharpness of the night vision is also affected, a potential security risk. After reading this article, you might as well check your headlights.

This xenon lamp is very interesting. Many people call it a hernia (shan) gas headlamp. Because there's a mountain under the air. I used to call it the same way. Then I went to the 4S store to sell the car, and the family told me, please, you will let the customer think that we are very unprofessional, now think, the humiliation is dead.

Xenon is actually an element. I'm not going to talk about the principle here. This lamp is almost like a fluorescent lamp. It's very bright and very efficient. There are a lot of good mid-level cars now, and luxury cars are using them. On the ground in the evening, blue and white, will feel very comfortable, very senior.

There are drawbacks. The first one is expensive. If you go to the 4S store with a lamp like this, plus a lens with a minimum charge of more than 2, 000 pieces, a couple will come down to 56,000. The second is that on rainy, snowy and foggy days, xenon lamps are less permeable. The lights are on the mist, it will reflect on your face, it is better to turn on the light than to see clearly.

The lights on our roads are mostly yellow, and there are rain, snow and foggy weather.

One more, the principle of this xenon lamp is more complicated. The start-up requires a voltage of 23,000 volts, which can be difficult to break down or damage the entire circuit of the car.

The LED lamp is a combination of the advantages of the first two lights, bright and durable, and the light that comes out, you want warm light, cold light and cold light. What rain, snow, foggy days can be used. But leds are too expensive.

I bought a LED light bulb is twenty or thirty dollars, more than five pieces of halogen lamps are more expensive, but not you a pair of xenon lamp seven thousand pieces, you will sending a LED bulbs, cheaper will be common.

The old swim doesn't think luxury cars don't need LED headlights. It's better to upgrade the rest of the configuration. Or wait.

So in my own view, the xenon lamp with halogen fog lamps, or only halogen lamps are safe and reliable. So when you're choosing a light, you can't just look at the price.

Now the car is more and more equipped, like any seat electric adjustment, reversing image, automatic parking, rear-view mirror memory, etc. But we don't know that these configurations are useless, right? Is it worth paying for? I have a headache when choosing a car.

Number that today, in WeChat public reply after see the background of the car, "configuration" old swimming show you picture to you, what configuration is worth to buy, what kind of configuration is suitable for what kind of people buy, including with the car, how to choose?