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What Are The Fields Of High-power LED Bulb Bulbs?
Jul 13, 2017

What are the fields of high-power LED bulb bulbs?

Such user first used in the workshop lighting, workshop is usually higher storey height (at least more than four meters), lighting needs to give priority to with a single job site, intensity of illumination request is greater than 300 lx, light color is given priority to with near noon cold white light (6400 k), usually in hardware, stamping, machining, injection molding and so on contained in the site operation station of large equipment, smelting workshop, lamp device orientation is usually in the upper part of the equipment or job site, moments that people working in the post under the lights of homework time usually in eight hours or more in succession.

Such user first used in commercial lighting space, usually use the same space with high relative height, color with warm white light (3000 k) and neutral white light (4000 k), primary recovery of goods or the authenticity of the ambient air, lights lamp device bearing usually above the goods pile head, table or passenger corridor, light string light moment usually exceed 12 hours.

- usually rural home users:

First is used to decorate the farmhouse, the master of the main indoor lighting, usually a family usually takes about 1-4 high-power lights, string light are no more than 5 hours time, light color is given priority to with cold white light (6400 k), long life spans, bright, save electricity and then get real savings intent is user purchase intention.

What do they value?

Must be bright: the intention of the user to buy high power is to deal with the "brightness" question, to be satisfied with the bright hall! The most efficient way to reach the time is to arrive at the time when "satisfied".

- must be satisfied with long use life: characteristics from the user and the application of environmental consideration, using his short capital not only cost is the second purchase, more major is high repeated replacement of artificial protection capital and in the process of changing moment formed by a short outage, strike, go out of business, and directly affect the surrounding operations lost.

- must have good luminous color: while the user is included in the lamplight after the operator of the long time operation, in addition to the "bright" and "not bright" not clear "lights" damage to themselves, but all may let the lamp near to natural light is lighting all need to bear the social responsibility of enterprises, especially about after long time operation under the lights of the collective is most main.