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What Are The Advantages Of Led Lights?
Feb 23, 2017

In our daily life, the led is the most widely used a variety of lamps and lanterns, most of people know the characteristics of the led lighting is energy conservation and environmental protection, that in addition to this characteristic, it still has what characteristics do you, we'll go and have a look.

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Very tall to the requirement of environmental protection in modern society, and people in the quality of life gradually improve later, also in gradually higher demands on the environment, so the led lights are widely used in our life, it can be said that the led lamp has entered the household all over the world, everywhere can see the figure of led lights, while led lights are common in our life, but there are still a lot of people on the led lights are not very understanding, in order to further enhance people's environmental protection consciousness, today small make up detailed introduce for everybody here led lamp, see what are the benefits, we use the leds are what they are.

Introduction of leds

So-called led, it is a kind of to an electroluminescent semiconductor materials as the basic structure of the material, also known as leds, we place it on with a wire rack, then around its epoxy resin on the seal, so to protect the core role, we usually use led lights is to use light-emitting diodes (leds) as the main materials for the production.

The advantages of Led lights

Led lights are able to get the favour of the market and even the people, because it has the advantages of:

1, leds luminous rate is very high, can reach 801 m/w, to a large extent, have played an important role in energy saving.

2, there are many kinds of led light color temperature, can choose according to their own needs, a variety of color temperature is very good, color rendering

The index of color is also very high.

3, the use of led lights, can reduce the damage to the line, won't cause pollution to the grid, because it's EMI is in line with the world

Indicators, the power factor is greater than or equal to 0.9, and the second harmonic distortion less than or equal to 20%, can reduce the wastage of the power supply circuit.

4, the number of leds voltage can be used on a global scale, that is, the whole Led lights index is between 85 v voltage range

Between 264 v, which further ensures the service life of the led brightness and not affected by voltage fluctuation.

5, the Led is a kind of no radiation and infrared radiation lamp types, the very impact resistance, aseismatic ability is very strong, Led lights

No filament and glass shell, it is not easy to break phenomenon, use it will not cause harm to human body.

6, the Led lamp is the pure dc work, there will be no stroboscopic phenomenon, this eliminates the we appear in the process of use

The phenomenon of stroboscopic phenomenon and cause visual fatigue.

7, Led lamp USES the ultra brightness high power Led light source, combined with the high efficiency of power supply, high brightness, than the average

The lamp to the saving electricity was above 80%.

8, the design is unique, the Led is the chimney and lens design in the form of an organic whole, have protective and concentrated at the same time

Function, avoid light waste phenomenon.

9, Led lights inside without mercury, etc. The presence of harmful substances, environmental protection very much.

10, the Led cold light type, it is a solid package, therefore its transportation is very convenient, are more easy to install,

Not afraid of vibration, its cooling effect is better also.