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What Are The Advantages Of LED Bulb Lamp?
Jul 13, 2017

What are the advantages of LED bulb lamp?

Along with the high-speed development of LED lighting skills and energy saving effect of the LED ball steep light has reached very high levels, in the case of equality of photosynthetic efficiency, energy consumption has fallen to half of the 1/8 of incandescent lamps and electronic energy-saving lamps, so now LED lighting products to replace the traditional lighting products will be the trend of The Times. So what are the strengths of LED bulb bulbs?

1. Obvious energy saving. Choose super-power LED light source, cooperate with high power source, save 80% more than traditional incandescent lamp, the same power is 10 times as bright as incandescent lamp.

2. More than 50,000 hours of super-long life, more than 50 times the traditional tungsten filament lamp. LED selection of high - strength leading encapsulation skills - eutectic welding, high - length longevity of LED.

3. Solid encapsulation is attributed to cold light source type. Convenient transportation and equipment, capable of being equipped with equipment in any miniature and closed equipment, not afraid of oscillation;

4. LED skills are advancing thousands of miles a day, and its luminous power is being dramatically broken and prices are falling. A white LED into the family's age is rapidly approaching;

5. Green environmental protection, free of lead, mercury and other harmful substances. The assembly parts of LED light bulbs can be removed very simply, and can be recovered by other people without the manufacturer's recall;

6. The lighting skills will be used to extend the LED light source to the surface light source, increase the luminous surface, eliminate glare, sublimate the visual effect, and eliminate visual exhaustion;

7. Integrated planning of lens and lampshade. The lens together have the light and protection effect, avoid the repetition of the light, make the goods more concise and beautiful;

LED ball bubble lamp lighting the biggest market is the civilian market, and people use most is spherical bulbs, so the LED ball steep light is a new kind of green light source of the alternatives to traditional incandescent bulbs, because people accustomed to ball bulbs, in order to make hair do green lighting light source, the replace incandescent bulbs also USES spherical in shape design, factory production of LED ball steep light of lamp holder also adopt spiral lines, lighting using LED ball steep light since 2011 using high power LED chip production, in order to prevent glare problem, shell usually use frosted glass or acrylic to production. Can be directly driven by the market, most products have wide voltage input, can be input from AC8 ~ 269V.