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What Are LED Floor Tiles?
Sep 11, 2017

What Are LED Floor Tiles?

Floor tile of the LED screen is a specially designed for the ground to build a new LED digital media, usually in the bearing, waterproof, prevent slippery, prevent mist, and performance of the heat dissipation performance are very good, in a specific environment, specific occasion can show its excellent display performance. Especially in the wedding stage of new era, red carpet is now an essential part of the wedding ceremony, in the past the traditional way is just a red carpet, and in the high-tech today, look at the floor tile of the LED screen will bring you have the red carpet.

It is a by shenzhen xin light technology co., LTD. In the intelligent induction lease floor tile of the LED screen, the background screen using 3.91 LED rental screen form in the banquet hall, surrounded by 360 °, and the middle T show the full intellisense floor tile of the LED screen is given priority to, a particular video broadcast for the wedding added a lot of novel ideas and display effect. Floor tile of the LED screen is the biggest effect when I slowly went to the podium, follow step of protagonist bud was yellow roses in full bloom, white gown with bright red rose petals to create more beautiful lun meihuan effect, wedding leave unforgettable moment for you.

In the era of big data, the smart age has been pressing the market step by step. Shenzhen xinbillion light has broken the traditional display era in the display field of LED display, which shows the development of intelligent display in the step of the normal display of the mai era. The application of intelligent LED floor tile screen is the best endorsement. The intelligent sensing interactive LED floor tile screen creates a more efficient and real effect for the stage deduction, and solves the blank defect that the current stage USES the projection technology to supplement. In the future, with the upgrading and upgrading of technology, more and more important roles are played in various stages, new product launches, fashion shows, wedding celebrations and stage performances.


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