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What About LED Screens In The LED Transparency Boom?
Jun 20, 2017

What about LED screens in the LED transparency boom?

In the past two years, LED transparency has been widely touted in the industry, and some expect it to be a significant part of the future of the LED display market. In fact LED transparent screen, however, is only in the article LED lights the screen on the basis of innovation and product, but as the "mother of the transparent screen of the LED screen, in a transparent screen to shine today, seems to be the embarrassment, although the manufacturer enterprise has not give up on the innovation of such products, its market application range, however, far from the early years of the industry predicted better.

Outdoor advantages are prominent, and once promoted, they are promoted

With the urbanization and the development of commercial economy, the scale of the outdoor advertising market is more and more big, the LED display as outdoor dynamic advertising carrier, also more and more popular with the market, but the traditional housing type LED display due to its own defects brought many trouble for the manufacturers and customers, and the article LED lights the screen to the launch of the hollow out type, almost perfectly solve the problem plagued by these people.

The weight of the LED display is a top concern because of the installation on the exterior wall. The traditional LED display cabinet type structure and bearing steel, greatly increased the wall bearing, and the LED screen without steel auxiliary installation, weight is only 40% of the box type, together with hollow structure and to reduce the wind load, reduce the windy weather brought in high display safe hidden trouble, very suitable for outdoor large-area project application.

According to the statistics, of the failure of LED display cases, 60% because of heat dissipation caused by inadequate, and the LED screen blinds structure can improve the heat dissipation performance, reduce the probability of failure. And, with the box body type display need to remove from the back, often "extremely important" maintenance methods, article lamp panel can be directly on the screen positive article remove the malfunction lamp, also need not building maintenance access, maintenance more convenient.

In addition, also because article LED lights the screen character such as ventilation, pervious to light, reduce the influence to keep out of the building, in appearance and more joint construction, cooperate with less power consumption, environmental protection performance is stronger, the advantages of the LED lights article screen in the outdoor, especially the application of landmarks on the market pet.

Hong Kong's Victoria harbour early 1150 square meters, the global center of chengdu Ocean Park of 4086 square meters, 3000 square metres of xi 'an wild goose pagoda awning and so on very large LED display project, chosen article notting have is not the lamp panel, thus, article LED lights the screen on the landmark application is worthy of the name "overlord", in the industry at that time the thunder, no two.

The market was poorly developed and the transparent screen was behind it

Although article LED lights the screen early on landmarks emerged, but in recent one or two years, the outdoor application market has not been further development, merchants lightweight on product innovation, the article and the LED screen manufacturers try to lease on development stage, but also failed to cause the attention of customers, and LED the transparent screen at the same time, in the form of unique feeling and half outdoor installation technology become the bestselling in the past two years, great divide article LED lights the screen in the outdoor part of the market trend, makes the article LED lights screen development prospect becomes more uncertain.

Relevant data show that China's overall TouFangE outdoor advertising up to 61.5 billion yuan, the world of outdoor advertising market is expected to reach $50.7 billion in 2020, LED display as a new application for outdoor advertising media, market prospect is very big. Article LED lights the screen, however, failed to use strong product advantages, from the traditional LED display cabinet type stole many outdoor market share, so far as to say that in addition to large application projects of landmarks, more widely used in other markets, article LED lights the screen did not made much progress.

Outdoor advertising screens, in fact, the general area of demand will not be as large as a landmark, and large screen outdoor advertising market demand in the proportion of the outdoor advertising screen is relatively small, at the same time, the traditional outdoor advertising LED screen installation difficulty and customer demand is low, the general outdoor advertising LED display can be met, the advantage of this article makes the LED screen no longer seems particularly outstanding. In addition, as an LED display with a non-closed structure, the lamp screen is not as widely recognized as the traditional box display on tolerance. As is known to all, outdoor displays inevitably welcomed for a long time, tolerance become such an important product requirements, and the structure of open mode, make the light bar screen on the waterproof and dustproof performance is difficult to convincing as enclosure type LED display, it also limits the article LED lights the screen of a wide range of applications.

With the development of urbanization, commercialization, outdoor close according to the demand of the market also began to increase, and the LED display cabinet type of distance has been achieved from a little under 2 mm of technical innovation, can satisfy the need of a closer look, and is very suitable for application in the field of outdoor show from close range. But for sacrifice distance for hollow out characteristics of the LED screen, clarity is clearly it cannot overcome congenital inadequacy, which means that the outdoor close application field is set to become the article LED lights the screen is hard to set foot on.

If the field of outdoor space is not a threat to leds, there is no doubt that leds will have a market for leds. LED to fully transparent screen, beautiful features become one of the most high-profile display products in nearly two years, 70% - 95% of its permeability rate greatly reduced the LED display's influence on the architectural appearance, coupled with close to half outdoor display characteristics of glass curtain wall internal installation, examination and approval of outdoor advertising has been well, even in the United States advertising monitoring is very strict, have also been greeted with the smiling face of the government and businesses. This gives the LED transparent screen the first choice of the glass building LED display project.

Even in today's market share of outdoor display screens, leds don't have a clear advantage, and the advantage of the outdoor market is that other products are hard to replace. But if you want to get a bigger share of the market, enterprises and manufacturers need to make greater efforts to improve product performance and market education, make our products gain wider market recognition, and thus in the fierce outdoor display superior position in the market competition.