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The Swedish Home Introduces A Smart Lighting System Called Tradfri
Sep 15, 2017

The Swedish home introduces a smart lighting system called Tradfri

The most interesting part of the Tradfri system is not on the ordinary Internet platform switch, but the user can use the simple gesture to control the intelligent lighting device with the simple gesture. From Tradfri's ads, users can make the lights dim with a simple scrolling controller, which is very interesting. At the same time, the dimmer can be used independently and sold for a price of 179 Swedish kronor (about 140 yuan), which is very affordable.

At the same time, the smart bulbs that support the Tradfri system are available in three colors: 2200K, 2700K and 4000K respectively, and ikea says each bulb has a life span of 25,000 hours. The standard E27 interface sells for 199 Swedish kroner, while the small E14 version sells for 149 Swedish crowns. Ikea also provides a variety of independent equipment sales, including 249 Swedish crowns (about RMB) motion sensor, 299 Swedish kronor (RMB 234) of the light controller, as well as 249 kronor (RMB 194) gateway controller.

In addition, ikea has launched a new LED panel system, can be compatible with Tradfri system as the control unit of more motion detection, and can use the idea of modularization to carry the smart home system.

At present, the Tradfri system is only available on the Swedish local ikea website, and it has been sold at the ikea store since March 31. More countries and regions will be unveiled in the future.


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