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The Production Of Micro Leds Is Still Subject To Equipment, And SAN 'an Has Confirmed It Was Involved Two Years Ago
Jun 17, 2017

The production of Micro leds is still subject to equipment, and SAN 'an has confirmed it was involved two years ago

Light electronic 16th the shareholders' committee, chairman Ye Yinfu said that a new generation of display technology of Micro LED production bottleneck stuck in precision machinery, estimated 5 years equipment will mature, may apply in dressing device or cell phone now.

A new generation of Micro display technology LED to draw attention apple, SONY and monitor global supply chains, according to Ye Yinfu observation, from the point of such as LCD, OLED displays, LED the province electricity, if applied in dressing device or handheld device can save electricity.

Ye Yinfu think, however, Micro LED production bottleneck mainly card in precision machinery equipment, was not a question of leds, so long as has the equipment can be encapsulated, the first generation equipment production speed is not fast enough.

He said, some manufacturers have made Micro LED application, but now costs are high, absolutely everyone to use various methods to do it, is not the normal production equipment, is more likely to use first in dressing device or cell phone.

Can Micro leds mainstream? Ye Yinfu considered cost problem, especially the precision machinery equipment, if the production speed can increase, equipment depreciation cost reduction, will have the opportunity to become mainstream, but at the moment it is impossible to forecast.

The director of Evatec, a Swiss semiconductor equipment maker, said that for Micro LED, it would require a semiconductor device level to reach zero defects. In the case of Micro LED technology, brightness is not the main requirement, and the main goal is to achieve zero defect and improve yield.

At present China has LED chip epitaxial enterprise in research and development layout, has three Ann photoelectric said in response to questions from investors, Micro LED is the focus of the future development direction, the company began in research and development in a year or two ago.

Layout of Micro LED had a lot of foreign large companies and startups are to show the application of Micro LED technology: from such as of Nichia and Osram LED manufacturers to panel makers, such as sharp as well as companies such as apple or Facebook/Oculus and so on.

Although there are many technical bottlenecks, some companies are focusing on micro leds to display product development, which is expected to begin in the second half of 2017 as early as the second half of 2017, according to industry insiders.

Apple in 2014 after LuxVue has been keen to develop micro LED technology, the recent market speculation also show that apple is likely before the end of the year in northern Taiwan taoyuan put a small amount of micro LED display product factory.

A Taiwanese start-up called PlayNitride, which is rumored to be acquired by samsung electronics, is expected to install a micro LED production line in the second half of 2017, the source said.

PlayNitride, which has been working to improve production of its RGB micro LED display, has adopted a transfer method that installs the micro LED chip on the TFT (thin-film transistor) substrate.

PlayNitride said, looking forward to cooperation with terminal manufacturers, and in 2018 its micro LED technology is adopted to improve the product design and development, which may include VR/AR, smart phones and TV equipment, mature products listed in 2019 paved the way.

This year, the popularity of the field has attracted more and more participants. , foxconn announced that the plan through the four subsidiaries (including sharp) $27.03 million deal to buy display technology start-ups eLux, for the next generation of micro LED display technology development.