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The Ningbo LED Lighting Industry Is Accelerating Innovation And Upgrading
Jun 05, 2017

Recently, ningbo solette lighting technology co., LTD. Has independently developed the fifth generation of ultra-thin LED lighting lamps to launch the market. Learned, since 2015, Mr. Wright throw light on the upgrade twice a year, with smaller volume attract eastern Europe, South America and other regions of the customer, at present, ultra-thin LED project-light lamp has accounted for more than half the total sales of the enterprises.

Enter the age of innovation competition from the outside to the inside

In cixi city green sample room can electronic technology co., LTD., deputy general manager chrno shows the author a shell base a molding LED lamp, the use of double color plastic extruder production LED lamp shade, waterproof anti-corrosion sealing is much better than the traditional lamp, and more simple production process, with some of the high-end market in customer demand. "For a long time, the traditional three against the appearance of lamps and lanterns from no big change, LED lamp, make three lights more structure change, also reduces the production cost." According to xu, more than half of the lamps used in the market for green energy are used in a single LED lampshade.

The advent of the era of LED lights, lawn lamp, garden lamp, project-light lamp, small street lamp traditional outdoor lamps and lanterns also conducted a comprehensive change, such as in ningbo, a large number of enterprises begun to take advantage of the LED lamps and lanterns, such characteristics as small size, light illumination on the outdoor lamp type to carry on the comprehensive innovation, produce all kinds of compact construction, waterproof rigorous outdoor lamps and lanterns, in response to the outdoor harsh environment. According to the introduction, the promotion of LED lamps and lanterns has helped companies to compete in the competition of competition from years of price competition, and pushed the enterprise to launch a shock to the outdoor lamps of higher technology content.

LED lights raise the market entry barrier for lamps with higher technical content. All export lamps and lanterns can find parts suppliers, many family workshop as long as a simple assembly can manufacture lamps and lanterns, this had to let the lamps and lanterns industry towards the low-quality of low malignant competition, industry innovation and development. Now the production of LED lamps and lanterns, the enterprise must according to the customer request to find matching parameters of electronic drive, this is not only test the ability of the enterprise in the aspect of software development, at the same time with a lot of imitation and plagiarism based assembly enterprises cannot survive, thus promote the ningbo outstanding enterprises of lamps and lanterns on the independent innovation road more walk more far.

In this way, he accelerates the development of emerging markets

"Compared with the long-term stability of the us market, the LED lamps made in ningbo are more suitable for the emerging markets with energy shortages and energy efficiency." Recently, li jiwei, head of Chinese procurement at RUM LUX in Poland, said. In LED lamp to replace incandescent lamp in the big tide of the international market, the LED lamps and lanterns is each country mainstream lighting, sun li Hui believes that the developing direction of the future for ningbo lamps and lanterns, not in the United States, but in the Middle East, central and eastern Europe, South America, and countries along the "area".

Analysis, the reasons mainly LED lights good energy saving effect is in line with the above countries and regions in order to reduce energy consumption, and to carry out the development trend of green energy-saving, at the same time, compared with developed countries, emerging markets in more investment in the infrastructure construction, made in ningbo applied LED lamps and lanterns use scope is bigger. In an interview, chrno of li sun Hui views agree, he thinks that compared with the United States, for a long time in emerging countries can accept some new lamps and lanterns, green original LED lamps and lanterns in emerging countries to return a single rate is much higher than the European and American markets, in recent years, green can also have been to South America, Russia and other countries and regions for the enterprise development.

It is understood that in the past mainly exports the European and American markets in ningbo lamps and lanterns, in the field of new LED lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns of ningbo enterprises want to trend, in the high-end market, from the traditional market development in emerging markets will be related enterprises show the best stage for upgrade innovation achievements in recent years. Emerging markets will also bring better profit margins to ningbo lamps and lanterns.

The city of juansi is actively taking the high ground

Under the green lighting the trend of The Times, the LED lamps and lanterns into the development of ascension, however for ningbo industry of lamps and lanterns, since 2012 all piled into the enterprise in the field of LED, most businesses did not wait for the arrival of the promotion period, but because of various reasons lay down on the path of growth. For this reason, even in the context of the continuous growth of the current lighting industry, it will be the source of the innovation and upgrading of ningbo lamps and lanterns enterprises.

According to webber cixi electrical safety testing center expert introduction, the current international market only lamps and lanterns, the LED light source standard without a standard for the LED lamps and lanterns, LED lamps and lanterns of ningbo export are reference to their own standards and customer requirements production, this to the enterprise of innovative design provides a very large space, however, in the comprehensive promotion of LED lamps and lanterns, all kinds of standard would be implemented in succession, this makes the crisis of lamps and lanterns of ningbo enterprises will have to face the industry reshuffle.

Inspection and quarantine departments to remind relevant enterprises, with the specification, LED lamps and lanterns industry reshuffle situation is inevitable, ningbo LED lighting manufacturing enterprises to keep sustainable development in the international market, must improve the quality of products, from its source through the independent innovation design at the same time, cooperate with some big customers, big international brands, to industry, high-end development impact, only conquers the highest position in the industry, to use LED lighting era coming, out of the traditional low-end competition dilemma of lamps and lanterns, create a new trend ningbo applied lamps and lanterns industry sustainable development.