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The New LED Light Source Solar Integrated Beacon Lamp
Jun 14, 2017

It is reported that the hardware range is wide, including the variety such as wei yu hardware, ambry hardware, appliance hardware, lamps and lanterns. On October 31, 2009, the Yangtze river yibin hydrographic ship out maintenance work, the lugu channel to carry out the maintenance scale test and AIDS to navigation in Syria debugging, and the newly installed more than 180 solar energy integration beacon light.

Similarly, on August 3, 2009, the Yangtze river honghu beacon equipment maintenance center 656 solar energy integration of the production guide lamps from honghu delivery to chongqing, will arrive in chongqing hydrographic's video, fuling, wanzhou, fengjie 4 channel management, used for lighting familiar channel.

This batch of solar integrated navigation lights is on the basis of the river channel trial, which has been improved through extensive consultation. Beacon light of line-of-sight has reached the requirement of familiar reaches 3000 meters above, battery capacity increased to 88 from 66, Ann, even rainy weather for 50 days, can normal light beacon light. At the same time, the lithium battery is sealed and installed, the waterproof performance is better. Each lamp is equipped with a charging port that can be charged at any time by alternating current.

Navigationmarklight is a type of traffic light designed to ensure a safe navigation at night. It emits light and flash frequencies at night, reaching the prescribed level of exposure and distance. There are fixed light beacons, light buoys, light boats and lighthouses. Fixed light beacons, lamp buoys and lightboats are beacons for navigation and warning. The lighthouses send a signal round the sea for the location of the ship and the danger warning to the ship. The beacon USES batteries for power. Small lighthouses have been powered by solar cells and large lighthouses are powered by diesel generators.

At present, most of the solar panels are using LED light sources, instead of incandescent bulbs, and the flash parts are still used in the code boards of the TS flash. Power using solar power supply, with low power consumption, long life, light color pure, the product is suitable for use in construction and other occasions, water intake, water can be up to 10 years of life.

Total length of 100 km of the Yangtze river section will all equipped with solar energy integration of yibin to luzhou beacon light, the beacons lamps and lanterns has the characteristics of the green, environmental protection, navigation ability. In the past, the battery-powered electronic beacon has been "decommissioned" on the waterway.