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The New Chinese Lamp Should Move Toward "think"

The new Chinese lamp should move toward "think"

Under the new Chinese vents, what makes a brand? Materials, ideas? Money, channel network? Or cultural elements? In the context of eastern culture, how can you make the new Chinese lamp shine? On June 11, lamp act the role ofing industry "cafe" gathered in and square, with "I stand for the new Chinese style" this one theme at ideas, explore the development of new Chinese style lamp is acted the role of the market segment.

Zhongshan art director of art academy hui-ming zhang thinks, insist on the idea, adhere to the culture, formed a unique industry comparative advantage, is the best path in the development of new Chinese style lamp.

The reporter learned that the center and the center of the lamp and the center of the lamp are combined with more than 30 stores in the country to establish a "lighting purchasing service platform". Among the companies that are already in, there are many new Chinese brands that are dominated by Chinese cultural elements.

Under the traction of big platform, the lamp company that advocate new Chinese style lamp this market of the market, how fission break up? Zhongshan lighting lighting industry association said Cui Fucai, new Chinese style lamp is high value-added products, it need to rely on patent, make the light lamp as a work of art, luxury and raise its high added value. In the future, whether it is a new Chinese style lamp this market segment, or the whole guzhen lighting industry, will be the "innovation", "creation" and "smart" direction across.