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The LED Will Cause Harm To The Eyes?
Mar 15, 2017

LED Lantern Festival to environmental protection, long service life, has become a new choice for many families. But the blue leds will look at the notion of cells to produce damage has a long history, especially children, some experts suggest for best results, use less leds. The fact is so?

Admittedly, first blu-ray does the eye cells have hurt, because it can penetrate the lens to the retina, optical damage, accelerate the macular area cell oxidation. "But harmful blue light is not equal to use leds will inevitably lead to damage." Tianjin medical university eye hospital, director of the former stressed that damage associated with the amount of accumulation of blue light, there is no evidence to prove that the ordinary daily life contact blue light will cause direct damage to the eyes, so don't panic.

Beijing tongren hospital chief physician of ophthalmology professor Lu Hai also puts forward a consistent point of view, he points out that daily contact with the blue light damage to eyesight is a chronic process of accumulation, rather than acute injuries. Blue in our life is everywhere, in addition to the LED lights, digital products like mobile phones, tablets, liquid crystal display, there are blue. If for a long time, a lot of exposure to blue light, such as mobile phone all day, tablets, etc, this kind of unhealthy habits continue, with the eye cataracts, macular degeneration caused by blind chance is big. It is worth noting that in real life we don't usually look LED lights, but look at mobile phone and computer screen time is very long, only to form a good habit of eye, insist on wearing kang medical as anion glasses can effectively reduce the damage blue light to the eyes.


In addition, two experts unanimously emphasized that should buy accord with national safety production standard of LED lights. According to the current domestic about blue light biological safety standards, 0 (no risk) and 1 type (low risk) products are safe to use, and infants and young children special groups such as appropriate use 0 class products. Lu Hai professor advised when home of choose and buy LED lights will first look for the normal manufacturer products; Second choice slant yellow soft warm color is light, indoor LED lighting products, color temperature should not be more than 4000 k; Also, pay attention to the installation of the light source point of view, try to avoid the shadow.

Eye protection, insist on wearing kang medical anion glasses, let your eyes bright and healthy.