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The Key Component Of The Led Display
Jun 23, 2017

The key component of the led display

Led screens show colorful patterns because of the array of led lights. Since led light beads as the highest cost and the largest amount of components, it plays a decisive role in the quality of led display.

Why led lights are the most critical components of led display, for three reasons:

1.Leds are the most used key devices in the screen, and, depending on the size of the screen, sometimes thousands or even tens of thousands of leds are used per square metre.

2. The proportion of led lamp beads in the overall manufacturing cost of the display is the largest, accounting for about 30% to 80%.

3. The most important point of the led lamp bead is that it can determine the main body of the optical display performance of the whole screen, and its good or bad will directly affect the viewer's evaluation of the display screen.

The following is the key component of the led display the effect of led light bead on the display:

One, brightness

The brightness of the led lights is an important determinant of the brightness of the display. The higher the brightness, the greater the residual amount of the current, the benefit of saving power and the stability of the display. And it has different angles, and the smaller the Angle, the brighter the led light, but the smaller the Angle of the display. A balance between brightness, Angle and price should be found for the display of different distances and different viewpoints.

Second, the Angle of view

The led light Angle will determine the Angle of the led display. In particular, the screen on some tall buildings has a higher demand for vertical angles. The perspective and brightness will not be balanced, and the great Angle will inevitably reduce the brightness, so the selection of the perspective will be determined according to the specific purpose.

Three. Loss efficiency and attenuation characteristics of led lamp beads

Because the screen is composed of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of set of red, green, blue three kinds of led pixels, any failure will affect the color led display screen when the overall visual effect, so we start assembly in the led display to aging 72 hours before the shipment will be led failure rate control in one over ten thousand.

We often find led display working long hours will display a drop in brightness and color is not consistent, and causes the entire display screen appears flower phenomenon, this is mainly due to the brightness of the led attenuation characteristics. In addition to its own causes, the attenuation feature has to do with the use of current, the design of the PCBS, and the ambient temperature of the display.

Four.Size and consistency

The size of led components will affect the pixel spacing of led display pixels, i.e. resolution. If the dot spacing is unchanged, the size of the led device will increase and the area of the display will be increased, and the grain will be reduced, but the contrast will be reduced due to the reduced area of the black area. On the contrary, the decrease of led size will reduce the display area and increase the sense of granularity, but the area of black area will increase, which will increase the contrast.

Screen is made up of thousands of red, green and blue leds composed of pixels, each led the brightness of the color, the consistency of wavelength will determine the whole screen brightness uniformity, white balance and chroma consistency consistency.

Five, the life

The life of the led lamp bead are theoretically for 100000 hours, far more than other parts of led display working life, so as long as guarantee the quality of the led device, suitable working current and reasonable thermal design of PCB, it will be display one of the most durable parts of the machine.