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The Five Kinds Of Light-emitting Diodes (leds) Mainstream Encapsulation
Jul 10, 2017

The five kinds of light-emitting diodes (leds) mainstream encapsulation

In the modernization of green lighting, leds have become an integral part of lighting equipment. This shows the importance of light-emitting diodes (leds). But often leds encapsulation mode is key to LED lighting quality and efficiency of the decisive factor, it also requires the designers and mode of packaging design.

In the process of intelligent lighting design LED chips encapsulation forms are many, according to different application requirements and photoelectric properties of different requirements, there are different forms of packaging, induces has the following several kinds of common form.

Soft packaging

Chip bonding on specific PCB PCB directly, through welding line connection into a specific character or display form, and the LED chip and welding line with transparent resin protection, in particular shell assembly. This qin encapsulation is often used for digital display, character or point Chen display products.

Pin type packaging

Common are the LED chip is fixed on the 2000 series lead frame, good welding electrode wire, with epoxy resin coating with a certain shape of transparent, become a single LED devices. This pin or seal according to the installation dimensions can be divided into different from 3, 5 of the diameter of the encapsulation. The characteristics of this kind of packaging is to control the chip to a smooth surface, can obtain a variety of different angles: 15 °, 30 °, 45 °, 60 °, 90 °, 120 °, and so on, also can get side shine, more easy to automation production.

SMT packaging

Will the LED chip bonding on the lead frame of microminiature, good welding electrode wire, the injection molding, the smooth surface with epoxy resin coating.

Dual-in-line package

Encapsulated with similar IC lead frame copper fixed chip, and after welding electrode wire with transparent epoxy coating, common different bottom cavity "piranha" and super piranha type packaging, the packaging chip has good heat loss, low thermal resistance, LED the power can reach 0.1 W to 0.1 W input is greater than the pin type device, but the cost is higher.

Power type packaging

Power LED packaging format is very much also, it is the feature of bonding chips at the bottom of the cavity is larger, and with specular reflection ability, higher coefficient of thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, and have a low enough to make the heat in the chip is quickly LED to the outside of the device, keep the chips and the environment temperature low temperature difference.

The above five kinds of light-emitting diodes, the mainstream packaging format, it is now more commonly used in the field of several mainstream encapsulation methods. To understand these encapsulation methods will help designers understanding of the light-emitting diodes (leds), to be more accurate to complete the relevant design quickly. Hope everyone can learn after read this article.