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The "energy Saving" Technology Of LED Displays Is The Key!
Jul 19, 2017

The "energy saving" technology of LED displays is the key!

At present, many LED display companies in the industry have been involved in the development and production of energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, some energy-saving LED display screens in the market, mainly through the improvement of the power supply to improve the energy saving effect, attracted a lot of consumers' attention, and gave a fairly high expectation.

This kind of way of starting from power supply power, one is to use half bridge or full bridge high efficiency switch power supply directly on existing LED display screen, add the synchronous rectification result is significant; The second is to reduce the power supply voltage as far as possible in the state of driving IC constant current, so as to achieve better energy saving effect by separating the power supply from the red and green blue core. Of course, the application cost of this non-standard voltage source and new technology must rise. From the screen driven IC, the energy saving is not obvious, and the reduction of the driving constant current pressure difference will bring about new problems including cost. Some IC enterprises promote energy-saving design, but only for sales strategy.

So, in addition to energy saving from the power of LED displays, what are the best ways to save energy on LED displays?