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The Domestic LED Industry Is Coming To Life, And The Industrial Chains Are Unevenly Distributed
Jul 12, 2017

The domestic LED industry is coming to life, and the industrial chains are unevenly distributed

After two years of falling prices and the flood of bankruptcies, the domestic LED industry seems to be enjoying a spring breeze, showing signs of a spring revival. In order to explore the cold and heat of the LED industry, the author went to the pearl river bank of guangdong province to investigate the LED enterprises in shenzhen and zhongshan in the field, and to capture information from the first line and take the pulse industry direction.

LED people seem to have forgotten the nightmare of the last two years of big factory closures, and forget last year's ordeal. This year early spring, LED lighting seems to spring back overnight. The slow failure to open up the market's lighting industry began early in the year when orders poured in, so that the lighting chips were out of stock and the company's machines were running around the clock.

However, the city's recent quiet cancellation of the first LED industry's plans has poured cold water on the newly red-hot market, which has been interpreted by industry as a mixed response. Industry insiders admit that it remains to be seen whether the LED industry will continue to boom in the short term. Relying solely on price advantages, it is inevitable that the market will go down the low-end manufacturing path.

With the New Year

"Missing the sixth floor, are you going to miss the fifth floor?" The advertising slogan of the lobby of shenzhen huaqiang north LED trading center attracts many merchants. Although the construction of the subway has LED to the huqiang north road closure of the business circle three years, the LED trading center here still attracts a lot of merchants to come.

Soon after the start of this year, shenzhen huqiang northern LED trading center started to attract investment. The market will be expanded to the 5th floor by the first floor, and the total operating area will be 13,000 square meters, which can meet the needs of 420 LED manufacturers to open stores. Quite a few new businesses are entering, busy decorating the store and putting goods.

"We hope to gain more orders through the popularity and popularity of huaqiang market." Some new manufacturers say.