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The Development Trend Of Different Application Fields In The Interpretation Of LED Technology
Jul 11, 2017

The development trend of different application fields in the interpretation of LED technology

Back light, display, LED lighting is one of the three largest and most promising market application. Different market, demand is also different. In different field of application of LED technology will develop in which direction? Enterprises need to improve product which attributes? "China electronics news interviewed well-known industry experts and representatives of leading enterprises, for different application fields of the trend of the development of LED technology.

Data shows that the LED display application industry scale generally stable, the country focusing on the LED display, number of businesses in about 400. In 2012, the LED display market sales totaled 25.3 billion yuan, increased by 15% over 2011. In 2013, the LED display application industry market scale growth is about 10% ~ 10%, the market volume in 28 billion yuan.

"Application of LED display market development has entered a period of relatively stable." Optical photoelectron industry association, vice director of China, industry association, chairman of the LED display application product Jane in an interview with "China electronics news" reporter said, "in the LED display technology constantly improve, innovation will become the important embodiment of the enterprise market competitive advantage."

The whole machine: technical level with the international synchronization

"So far, the overall technical level of China's LED display application basic synchronization with the international development, in some key technology and special engineering applications in the international leading level." Pass Jane said, "innovation, product innovation, especially at small spacing density LED display products, new LED curtain wall display products and professional control board, control system, etc for the outstanding."

Guan Jane told reporters, from the overall situation of technological innovation, part of the backbone enterprises actively take all kinds of science and technology projects, and by the national development and reform commission (NDRC) energy-saving special special support and industrialization; Industry as a whole direction of technological innovation mainly concentrated in the big screen control, high density show that the new product development, special project engineering design, the development of LED display application products and product reliability, energy saving, etc; In the field of the traditional LED display, the key technologies of all kinds of indoor and outdoor LED display basic mature, whole products in terms of reliability and technology level constantly improve and perfect, formed the standardized series products; Full color indoor and outdoor display screen is widely used, high-definition full-color outdoor table put mature technology products.

So for the LED display industry, the technological development trend of the next step how to position? "Must be to enhance the quality of products as the breakthrough of technology innovation." Nanchang university, vice President, national engineering research center for silicon leds feng-yi jiang told, director of the China electronic newspaper reporters.

Feng-yi jiang suggested that the development and application of reverse polarity LED chip, and reduce the working current density, improve the luminous efficiency, improved reliability, make the display more energy-saving. Application of reverse polarity red leds can greatly improve the luminous efficiency; On red light LED to reduce the working current density, can significantly improve its reliability; Green light LED to reduce its working current density, can significantly improve the luminous efficiency. At the same time, to develop all sorts of color combination of monochrome screen and double color screen high-quality LED display.

"The technical innovation cannot leave the middle and lower reaches of the close cooperation of." Feng-yi jiang said, "industrial chain key lies in the joint innovation to promote the LED application, avoid overworked, chips with smaller current density, appropriate is multi-purpose chip, reduce the strict requirements of power supply and cooling in the total manufacturing cost unchanged or changed little, on the basis of further improve the luminous efficiency and reliability of the LED application products."

Chip: "four high" corresponding to more requirements

So, what kind of LED display is a real high quality screen? "I think mainly reflected in six aspects. Hangzhou silan Jiang Zhongyong Ming xin technology co., LTD. General manager told reporters, the "China electronics news" is a LED display uniformity, good brightness and color uniformity is good; the second is display the undead lamp or rarely die lamp; 3 it is low gray uniformity; fourth, after using for a long time, the above index change small; 5 it is luminous tube high brightness, energy saving; six surface roughness is good."

Ascension is brightness of LED chip manufacturing eternal topic, in addition, as the leading factor of the decision LED display quality, the quality of the chip technology to screen and what specific impact? Jiang Zhongyong, said of the specifications of the chip determines the packaging specification, the requirement of uniformity is increasing day by day; Chips of electrostatic protection level and the long-term stable operation of display are inseparable; Chip the consistent the junction capacitance, low gray uniformity, the better; Chip also determines the level and the proportion of the LED display small leakage.

Specific to indoor display, high quality LED display attributes of "four high" puts forward specific requirements on the chip. Dr HC Semitek Corporation r&d jiang-bo wang in an interview with "China electronics news" reporter said, the first is "high density", the chip is more and more small, more and more high to the requirement of consistency, but less on the brightness of the single chip requirements; "Followed by" high scan, the higher the scanning frequency, chip in the back pressure state, the longer the time corresponding to the chip must also improve performance; Again is the "refresh", the higher refresh rate, to chip in the high frequency pulse power flow under the tolerance requirement is higher; Finally is "high gray scale" to chip in a variety of electrical flow of the wavelength and brightness consistency is better.

"For outdoor display screen, from direct intubation to 3535 tables, request the light of the chip type consistency, better brightness higher, better moistureproof wet resistance." Jiang-bo wang stressed.

Device: five trends lead technology development

LED display device is another dominant factor of LED display quality. "So far, five aspects are leading the trend of the industry technology development." Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., chairman and President lee diffuse iron in an interview with "China electronics news" reporter said.

More and more low operating costs is LED display operator is constant pursuit. "The first trend is the increasing brightness of LED devices, the power consumption of the display falling." Li iron said, "only in this way can continue to reduce the operation cost of LED display."

The ubiquitous light pollution, already has an impact on the lives of ordinary people. Last year the Shanghai pioneered the LED display brightness restrictions after the mandatory standards in public places, from May 1 this year, 22 at every day to the next day when 30 points, 7 guangzhou outdoor LED electronic display screen is required must be closed. "The light pollution of LED display management has gradually formed a consensus, so the second trend is the LED device must reduce light pollution." Lee said diffuse iron.

The third trend is surface-mount devices are from indoor to outdoor. "By means of mechanics, thermodynamics, materials science, optics continuously explore synthetical discipline, surface-mount device reliability improved outdoor applications, waterproof, moisture proof, such as UV resistance performance has can basically meet the demand of outdoor applications." Li iron said, "now, surface-mount devices from indoor to outdoor technology has tend to mature."

"The user is endless pursuit of outdoor hd display, LED hd display records are constantly be refreshed." , "said lee diffuse iron LED screen point distance is more and more small, the size of the device is more and more small, this is the fourth development trend."

Finally a trend reflected in the screen display effect. "The industry to improve the SMT components contrast through the use of technology and the surface of the rubber matte, boost the LED display of the device." Diffuse iron li said, "but with the constant improvement of the market to the display quality requirements, the LED device should also meet the higher requirements for quality."