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The Current Intelligent Lighting Is A Serious Lack Of Experience
Nov 02, 2017

The current intelligent lighting is a serious lack of experience

Foshan Guochen Yun Shang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. General Manager Huang Guishun that from the technical model, the intelligent lighting to achieve two ways: First, 86 single fire intelligent switch panel transformation; Second, the transformation of the lamp control chip. The program is a short-term realization of the whole people of the single fire transformation, which is unrealistic, the current single fire switch is still the industry "pain point", at least two years can not see the possibility of technology was conquered. Option 2 is more feasible, but requires the attention and support of the industry, the integration and docking of the agreement. For the smart lighting market penetration rate, two years to achieve more than 50% of the new house occupancy rate, the old house to achieve 5% of the share, which is quite realistic.

In the market, industry standards are very important, can save costs and speed up efficiency. The current point-to-point infrared communication is no longer suitable for intelligent lighting market, you can consider Bluetooth communication 4.0 or low-power zigbee. The radio frequency as a traditional control protocol did not allow intelligent lighting wind and water, the main reason is the bandwidth a bit "narrow", easy string interference. The price of intelligent lighting products depends on the degree of competitiveness of the intelligent transformation, therefore, the current price is reasonable.

In my opinion, the current lack of intelligent lighting experience, need to do more exhibition hall, take more measures to popularize, so that consumers understand the intelligent lighting of environmental protection, comfort, energy saving advantages. Although the non-intelligent lighting market in urgent need of transformation, upgrading, the old industry will face a great transformation pressure, but intelligent lighting has officially boarded the stage of history, industry uniform standards will be promoted. In addition, by the smart home, intelligent community, smart home appliances and other markets driven this year, intelligent lighting market will enter a clear accelerated outbreak period.