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The Concerns Of Solar LED Street Lamps
Jul 25, 2017

The concerns of solar LED street lamps

So why are there still no large-scale solar LED lighting?

1. The cost of solar LED street lamps is too high. The cost of LED street lamps is high, and the cost of solar LED street lamps is higher. This is largely because of the high cost of solar panels. In fact, the price of solar panels is falling rapidly every year. Now, for example, the unit price is about $10 per watt (is practical for 12 yuan/tile, but next year is likely to fall for 10 yuan/tile, for calculating the sake of simplicity, is assumed to be 10 yuan/w), about half of the two years ago. For a 100-watt LED street lamp, even if it requires a 300Wp solar panel, its cost is just 3,000 yuan. The 100-watt LED street lamp can replace 250 watts of high-pressure sodium lamps, 250 watts of street lamps, assuming that the lights are turned on for 10 hours a day, then electricity is 2.5 kilowatt-hours a day, and electricity is 912.5 W a year. If the price is 0.8 yuan per degree, the electricity charge will be 730 yuan for the whole year. For four years, the cost of the solar panels could be offset by the savings. Indeed, that is far from the case. The cost savings for solar LED street lights are not electricity, but the cost of cable and the cost of the cable. For a 10km (666) alternating current street lamp, the cost of its cables is $1.5 million, and the cost is $2,252 per lamp. Plus buried cable laying cost 300000 yuan, each lamp that is allocated 450 yuan, because before each cable has a pressure drop and requires a step-up transformer of electric power transmission and distribution equipment such as 2 million yuan, the allocation to each one is 3003 yuan, all of these costs add up to 5705 yuan, has not calculated inspection Wells 300 yuan/lamp, etc. All of this adds up to an initial investment in solar LED streetlights, so the electricity saved by solar LED lights is a pure benefit.

The above analysis does not have to worry about the cost of solar LED street lamps.

2. In most of the sunshine is not enough place to need to increase the area of the solar panels, and may adopt the x5 solar panels, wp 500 solar panels, and improve the cost, reduces the was.


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