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The Company's Inclusion In The Chinese Super League Has A Huge Market Value
Jun 05, 2017

The company's inclusion in the Chinese super league has a huge market value

The company was selected to be a partner in LED screens in the Chinese super league, according to a report by the economic voice trading live. Lehman shares (300162) issued an announcement yesterday evening that the company will be the preferred partner for the official supplier of LED display screens in the 2017-2020 period. Lehman is involved in sports field is, it is the Chinese super league official partners and 2011-2016 season LED display equipment and service providers, the election is expected to open the second stage of the cooperation.

The securities times reported that in 2016, lehman had secured an LED and service sponsorship deal with all 16 of the league clubs, with nearly a third of its business interests. If this happens, lehman will start offering a new high-tech LED display for China's top 16 clubs in 2017. Yesterday (19) development and reform commission issued by the China football for medium and long-term development plan (2016-2050), the key task division, notice, including 22 key task, the first of the list is much starker choices-and graver consequences-in crucial football system reform project. Football as the single largest sports industry projects, the output value accounts for more than 40%, more than 2025 target calculation according to the scale of the sports industry in 2025, the football market space of 2 trillion yuan.

Since 2011, lehman has provided more than 2, 200 integrated LED advertising services for domestic and international professional soccer tournaments. And in April, lehman's shareholder, li marvel, placed its stake in the Swiss company's sports media group, which is owned by the company, into a public company. Infront is the world's second largest sports marketing company. The exclusive title of the Portuguese league in overseas. What kind of benefits will the company bring to the company? Liu yunlong, an investment consultant at China securities, has interpreted this.

The voice of the economy: lehman shares become Chinese super league official partner, obtain Chinese super league every 12 minutes of the LED screen advertising resources, company has been in the football industry chain upstream and downstream omni-directional layout. Does the inclusion of LED screen companies in the super league guarantee future performance stability?

Liu yunlong: that's right. Lehman shares for the sports industry, especially for the introduction of football sports industry at present has is a full range of participation, and this time in the Chinese super league LED screen is rich in the layout of the sports industry. He basically covered the CSL and one at the same time, there are some overseas league crown Ming and advertising resources, for some business in the sports sector, as well as future business contribution laid a good foundation, so can ensure the stability of its future business.

The voice of the economy: the controlling shareholder, li marvel, placed his stake in the Swiss company's sports media group in the public company. In early 2016, lehman shares named the Portuguese football league, start the Chinese player overseas study plan at the same time, the media, and with 780 million yuan to buy China underground business 100% stake. What kind of industry will lehman's sports development strategy give the company?

Burden of proof: currently, the main business of lehman shares or LED production and sales, but step by step, according to the current company's planning and some strategic investment, the company may give priority to with the sports industry, mainly involving the related media, sports operating at the same time, because the Swiss infront has bigger advantage in sports operation, and is the world's leading industry, so in the operation of the sports industry, sports advertising, and other peripheral will future income occupies a larger market share in lehman shares.

The sound of the economy: when will it be possible to demonstrate the performance of a listed company?

Liu yunlong: from now on, the asset that has entered infront sports this year, should have relevant business contribution by the end of this year. At the same time, from the financial statement, the current contribution of sports revenue is less than 10 percent of the total revenue. Therefore, in the future, the overall profits of the sports industry will be significantly higher and higher due to the limitless contribution of the sports industry and the contribution of profits.

The voice of the economy: we take a look at it in the secondary market performance, while lehman shares opened higher today, and is still rising, or 2.82%, at latest in 18.22 yuan, but the ratio is in the 237 times, the value of its investment and uplink space?

Lehman shares the main burden of proof: the other mentioned or related industries, LED LED to manufacturing, to have lower gross margin, so it's difficult to less than 10% of the contribution of the sports industry to improve its current level in the financial statements of Numbers, but the future is given priority to, its overall strategy is based on sports and sports is trillions of levels of the industry. So it on the list of the Chinese super league, the sense of the football industry, sports industry is currently the domestic market share is the largest, the process of marketization, the strongest in lehman shares the market capitalisation of more than 60 is now calculated value of its future growth space is huge. So the current relatively high p/e ratio is a temporary phenomenon, after 2017, as the sports industry market share proportion rising, its p/e ratio will soon fall.

The sound of the economy: since July, the share price of lehman shares has moved on a downward trend. What do you think investors should do?

Liu yunlong: in the short term, the stock price of lehman shares has a downward trend. Now in a weak shock stage, but from the line with the long run, this position is a longer-term concern area, more recommended by its overall value to observe it whether there is a big room to improve in the future. So in this position, you can appropriate attention, if there is room to continue downward, we can find a better time to buy, but I think this time may be more their support, in the future there may be a rebound in space.

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