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The Bright Lights Are Energy-efficient LED Lights
Jun 22, 2017

The bright lights are energy-efficient LED lights

In the bright light of the night, many citizens have questioned whether such lights will waste electricity. Will it cause light pollution? The Jiang Yong tells a reporter, in the construction of lighting, the idea of adhering to the "ecological" surroundings, with lamps and lanterns is energy-saving LED lights, over 50% of energy than ordinary lamps and lanterns. 

Because LED lights are leds, there is no harmful material and no environmental damage. And the life of lamps and lanterns is long, the life of experiment is more than 50 thousand hours, so later maintenance cost is very low. In response to the international dark sky society's aim of protecting the night environment, luminance values are based on national standards. Especially in the main street, use sectional type lamps and lanterns, light the light Angle downwards, enter the driver saw through the ground reflection, not directly into the line of sight, thereby reducing the stimulation to the eyes, on the one hand, on the one hand, light source will not up into the sky, have the effect of protection of the night sky.

Regarding open time, only functional lamps and lanterns are open throughout the night, and the view lamps are open for no more than four hours.