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The Application Of LED Display In School
Aug 07, 2017

The application of LED display in school

With the rapid development of led display, its application scope is also expanding. Due to the successful performance of the early stage in the major areas, the awareness of the public has been continuously improved and the application scope has been continuously expanded. Led display screens gradually enter our life, playing an increasingly important role. It can real-time display or loop for text, graphics and image information, has rich way, entertaining, display content modification is convenient, high brightness, stable and long life and other advantages, is widely used in many fields. Its application on campus also has a wide range of applications, and the use of LED bulletin boards on campus is increasingly used for the promotion and dissemination of all kinds of notices.

  1. Information release and display

The application of led display in schools is mainly information release, school publicity, notification, and live broadcasting. Led display has the flexibility and changeful characteristics, it can show different content according to the situation arbitrarily, can make the student more intuitive, feel the change of electronic product more deeply. The most important thing is to be able to communicate the content in time and accurately, which plays a very important role in campus information release.

2. Strengthen the publicity of schools

LED electronic display screen with high brightness, low work voltage, low consumption, miniaturization, simple easy to matching with integrated circuit, drive and the characteristics of long service life, impact resistance, stable performance, so in advertising in the LED electronic display now plays a very important role, become the advertising industry development trend of application. And most of today's major secondary schools or institutions are using LED electronic displays to enhance publicity. It is helpful to strengthen the propaganda of the school. At present, the propaganda of the school is mainly carried out by hanging banners or painted paper, and the traditional propaganda is too monotonous and the effect is not very good. Instead of LED electronic display because it glowing effect is good, easy to attract people's attention, the picture shows a flexible, rich in content, is beneficial to strengthen school enrolment, personnel examination of the propaganda, also can better display the school culture and power.