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The Application Of Backlight

The application of backlight

What is backlight?

Backlight commonly known as back lighting, word is the word on the back of the lighting and light source installed inside a shell of stainless steel on the back words, light type on the metope of a luminous words (pictured), back lighting words exquisite craft, high-end system, according to the different approaches can be installed outside the door head or indoor image on the wall, etc.

Backlit words most commonly used in: backlight literally shell made of stainless steel bending grinding seiko built-in LED light source (light color optional) word bottom acrylic (plexiglass) laser carved glyph. In order to make the backlight more bright, generally use the frosted yakeli to make.

Other words of backlight: the back of a light word case can be a stainless steel word, aluminum, titanium and other metal words. Also can do not use yakeli to do bottom, metal inside light source, distance from the wall, light direct illuminate on the installation face.