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The Advantages Of LED Lamps And Lanterns Lighting In Life
Jul 19, 2017

The advantages of LED lamps and lanterns lighting in life

When choosing lamps and lanterns, high quality light source is the foundation of green lighting. The characteristics of high quality light source should have the following three aspects:

1. There should be no ultraviolet and infrared spectral components. Long-term excessive ultraviolet you accept, not only easy to cause keratitis, will harm the lens, retina, choroid, etc. Infrared easily absorbed by water, excessive infrared light through the human eye lens gathered by a host of absorption, gradually change the lens, lead to cataracts.

2. The light color temperature should be close to natural light. People living in the natural light for a long time, the human eye to light adaptability is strong, good visual effect.

3. The light flash for no frequency. Common fluorescent lamp power supply flat rate is 50 hz, the light at the brightness 100 times per second, belongs to the low frequency flash, can make the regulation of human organs in the regulation of tension state, result in visual fatigue. If the light at the flat rate increase to more than hundreds and tens of thousands of hz - as a high frequency, people won't feel stroboscopic feel namely; But the real no stroboscopic is dc power supply or solid semiconductor light-emitting device (such as the LED light emitting diode) light become no frequency flash.

The LED light source characteristics:

1. Low work voltage, less power consumption;

2. Stable performance and long service life (general) for 100000 hours; Carry shock, strong seismic resistance;

3. The LED lighting products can provide high quality light environment, improve lighting system of lights, no infrared and ultraviolet components, high color rendering and strong light emitting direction, dimming performance is good, not to occur any error in visual color temperature change is;

4. The cold light source, low calorific value, can safely touch; To improve the glare, reduce and eliminate the light pollution. Zero stroboscopic, will not cause eye fatigue phenomenon.

5. No electromagnetic radiation, put an end to protect the brain radiation pollution. It can provide a comfortable space for lighting, and can well meet the demand of people's physical health, the light source is environmental health. Long-term use can protect eyesight and prevent myopia.

2. LED lamps and lanterns

1. Energy saving: overall 85 lm/W lights, lamps and lanterns more advantage to the optical properties, and under the same intensity of illumination, make the 15 W LED fluorescent lamp of 36 W fluorescent lamp, traditional power saving more than 60%.

2. Long life: LED indoor lamps and lanterns light source with low attenuation, the service life of more than 10 times of common indoor lamps and lanterns, more suitable for special occasions is difficult to change.

3. High luminous efficiency: because the light Angle is less than 180 °, the light energy made by making full use of after load the lamps and lanterns, reducing the loss of light, the lamps and lanterns efficiency can reach above 80%.

4. The green environmental protection: traditional interior products containing mercury, leakage will chills the body, LED indoor products do not contain any harmful substances, the environmental protection, green lighting products is recognized as the twenty-first century.

5. Safe and reliable, no noise, no ultraviolet, no stroboscopic light, eye protection, not easy to make the eye fatigue, make sure you use the comfort and health.

6. Less maintenance: LED fluorescent lamp long life, low maintenance cost.

7. High electricity utilization: LED fluorescent lamp PF 0.9 above, to achieve real energy conservation and emissions reduction requirements.

Yangtze river after the waves steady, a generation of new products in the old product, after eliminating the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, LED lighting lamps and lanterns of choice for lighting will be your future life.