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The 7 Leds Is Creative, The Last True Have Never Seen...
Feb 23, 2017

LED flip-flops

With LED flashlight slippers, let you walk in the dark at night are not afraid to hit the wall.

Joys and sorrows of LED T-shirt animation expression

A finger touch can light up the LED dot matrix, which is used to show their mood state, angry you less to mess with me!!!!!!!

LED capsule cure mood

Capsule built-in light warm light LED lights, out come to light, and put into the box was turned off, sick need not take medicine, eat "light".

LED the handle to security

Luminous door handle for the hotel, in the case of power failure or fire emergency safety, LED lights up, ensure the security of the people in an emergency is to direction.

Of pet wooden dog LED desk lamp

Puppy dog voice control lamp, you 1 call "auf" towards it, it's bright, wang a sound again, the lights went out. Want to call it, you have to become it.

Light-emitting LED bicycle handle

LED handlebar light, not only can be used as a cycling road auxiliary lighting at night, also can have the effect of turn signal on corners, reduce accidents cycling at night!

Hypnosis LED lamp

Graphic designer will have some special hypnotic effects, and the combination of LED flat light, becomes the most simple hypnosis wall lamp, look long head is dizzy, insomnia when staring to fall asleep quickly.