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Sound, Kettle, LED Light, They Are A Product!
Sep 14, 2017

Sound, kettle, LED light, they are a product!

What's the most important thing about hiking and camping? Pack light. Tents, canes, some necessary equipment can't be taken without them, but many things can actually turn them into something.

For example, if you want to see nature relaxing in the open air and listen to a song, you have to use a bluetooth speaker. It can also be a kettle...

It's very convenient to have the mineral water or drink you want. Wait, it's not over, it can light up and turn into an LED light that shows all kinds of colors, and the mountain forest is not afraid of it at night. Add a vitamin or a carbonated drink, and you can see the lighting effects of music vibrations.

Is that all? Don't worry, the phone has no electricity and can be charged with it. GPS maps and sports apps are easy to use.

This cup is called PLAYFUL BASE and features multiple functions. What I like about it is that these functions are not randomly added, but designed to be based on outdoor activities, camping needs.

The cup itself is also waterproof, with no fear of rain or use in the snow, and mobile power and LED lights can be used to support the IP65 protection level.

Another very conscientious design is that PLAYFUL BASE is modular. The volume of the cup can be replaced, each part can be disassembled, the speaker, the mobile power, the LED lamp, the independent use of which part is ok, very flexible.

In the PLAYFUL BASE, the battery capacity is 6000mAh, which can be used for about 10 hours music, 10 hours of lighting (120 lumen brightness), and its USB interface current is 2. 1A, you can charge both devices at the same time.