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Solar-powered LED Lights In The Yard
Jun 15, 2017

This is a simple, solar-powered LED lamp that lights the LED lights in the middle with a hand-made solar collector. Designer Jonathan

The idea is to incorporate more concepts, called Heliotrope, an outdoor LED lighting fixture that can follow sunlight and automatically collect solar energy. The shape of the petals of a collector, mimicking the biological properties of a sunflower, follows the sun's rays and turns the Angle. Suitable for installing outdoor garden lights, each one of which is a solar panel that generates electricity for the middle white LED light bulb. The bottom USES a syringe to act as a piston to control the light of the flower lamp, which increases the pressure of the alcohol vaporization in the area and pushes the piston's solar petals to unfold. The same idea comes in the light of the philips petal solar LED lamp in the home of LED lights.