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Solar LED Lamps Are Widely Used In Urban Lighting
Jun 15, 2017

Solar LED lamps are widely used in urban lighting

City lighting is a science, a culture, an art. City lighting reflects the image of a city, reflects the scientific management of a city, is a social system project . Solar LED lamps and lanterns with its excellent energy saving effect, lighting control of humanities, customers, and its performance and power frequency alternating current lamps and lanterns is flat, and has no damage to the environment, the characteristics of non-renewable energy consumption, easy to clients to accept, so as long as the place with enough light source are solar energy LED lamps and lanterns of development and application of the market.

Market analysis of solar LED lamps

With China's rapid economic development, increasing the demand for energy, the energy shortage problem has become China's rapid economic development, an important problem in the full development and utilization of solar energy is the energy strategy for the sustainable development of the world's governments. At the same time, with the huge potential of the international photoelectric market, the photovoltaic manufacturing industry in all countries is rushing to invest heavily in expanding production to gain a foothold. China, the world's second-largest energy consumer, is no exception.

Compared with the world's booming photoelectric power generation, China lags behind the developed countries in 10 to 15 years and is even significantly behind India. Photovoltaic industry in China is rising at an annual rate 30%, the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, as well as the national construction of new socialist countryside, tough and energy fell 20% in the next five years, the three provides an unprecedented opportunity to the solar energy industry, market capacity is very large, coupled with preferential policies of renewable resource development and utilization of the state has imposed, in this case, we have such a good industrial base, the whole society and the country as long as input a fraction can be output. Solar energy as a renewable energy alternative to traditional non-renewable energy will be a necessity

Features of solar LED lamps:

(1) low cost: high brightness, low power consumption, low cost of solar battery and battery, and lower cost.

(2) long life: the guarantee period of the single crystal silicon or polysilicon solar module is 20 years, and the battery module can be used after 20 years, but the power generation is slightly lower. Ultra bright white leds can last up to 100,000 hours, and smart controllers have low static power and long service life.

(3) reliable and stable: single crystal silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar modules have characteristics such as typhoon resistant, moisture resistant and ultraviolet radiation.

(4) no one is on duty: there is no need for managers in operation, and the perfect intelligent control system gives the user enough reassurance.

Add in the use of solar LED lamps to set up or bury electrical lines. No electricity in the grid; Without maintenance, it is a good investment and a lifetime benefit.

So solar LED lamps can be installed in the square, campus, park, streets and so on. Currently in outdoor lighting area of solar lamps and lanterns is less than 20%, the market share is expected in 2008 after the solar energy in the field of outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns can reach more than 10%, the market share is expected to reach about 20% after five years. Solar lamps and lanterns are the greenest, the most energy efficient, the most easy to promote new lamps and lanterns, the market prospect is self-evident.