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Selection Of LED Street Lamp Power Supply

Selection of LED street lamp power supply

1. High quality components

LED street lamp is mainly used in outdoor environment, to have the wind rain, ray called lightning bad environment, when the outside world is the highest temperature of 50 ℃, while the lowest also may achieve to 40 ℃. LED light source belong to the semiconductor light source, its luminescence characteristics determine its failure rate is relatively low, connection part of the failure rate is low, so the LED driver power supply quality directly decides the service life of the whole street, is also the most core part of the LED street lamp industry. Domestic at present in the production of LED power supply enterprise is endless, but because of reasons of technical strength and capital control, quality is often a topic, and street lamps once installed, maintenance is more difficult, need a lot of manpower material resources, the street lamp manufacturers complain.

Good quality of power supply, good design is one of the elements, power supply components are high reliability conditions. At present in power supply of key components is still some passive components and power components, such as capacitor, inductor, MOS, etc., and these components of the best quality is still the United States and Japan is the product of the manufacturer's system and domestic products in durability, anti-interference, environmental fitness, quality still has a gap. The CLP huaxing LED street lamp power supply products are all with the United States and Japan is a line of giant electronic components, a good design can ensure the power supply in - 40 ℃ to 60 ℃ temperature normal operation for a long time, the mass use of finished product actually use failure rate is lower than three over ten thousand, in the industry in a leading level.

2. the price

The LED street lamp power supply market competition is intense, is in the first quality products on the market price is not the ultimate determinant, but under the good quality higher price for street lamp manufacturers to provide more profit and competition. Zhongdian huxing relies on the power supply industry for more than 10 years industry experience, and itself is the international component agency, province to the agent profit and the logistics capital. And at present the domestic many power supply manufacturers are bought by domestic products agent components, buy capital is higher, there are a few companies to strictly control the capital, but in comparison, CLP huaxing LED street lamp power capital still has a lot of the upper hand, concrete plans and prices please contact CLP huaxing Marketing Department.

3. Design margin

At present the domestic market sales of LED street lamp application environment is very complex, the main reason is that the voltage is not stable, in the case of ordinary mains power supply actual entered tend to have large voltage deviation, and all kinds of unsafe factors, such as surge shock moment affects the normal operation of the LED power supply, the requires power needs to have a certain design margin. Mainstream design margin of LED street lamp power supply on the market at present is in commonly 40%, CLP huaxing power supply design team took the lead in the industry to launch a minimum 60% components design margin of LED power supply, ensure reliable LED street light, high demand, and the room reserved for key components are more fully. As CLP huaxing technology research and development team leader, said: "on the design of the LED street lamp power supply, we only in has nothing to do with the reliability of link to save money, as far as the reliability design we try to adhere to the principle of stability, high reliability, ensure adequate design margin, this is what our products are able to withstand 50000 hours of durability test."

4. lightning protection

Streetlights are installed outdoors and lightning strikes are a huge threat. CLP huaxing technology research and development laboratory through many years of research, summing up main with direct lightning, thunder, lightning induction lightning and switching overvoltage, four types of power equipment is the biggest impact of the induction lightning, could generate up to 5000 kv and higher voltage, has a great destructive power. In response to these problems, we have taken the following measures to cooperate with street lamp manufacturers to improve their products and ensure that they are not lightning struck. First of all, the external lightning protection of street lamp is combined with internal lightning protection, setting the lead wire and simple ground net in the installation position of the lamp, which forms an external lightning protection system. The system can avoid fire and personal safety accidents caused by lightning strikes. The internal lightning protection system refers to the protection of street lamps by grounding and setting voltage protection. The system can prevent lightning and other forms of overvoltage intrusion into the equipment, resulting in the destruction of the equipment, which is not guaranteed by the external lightning protection system. The two are complementary to each other. The internal lightning protection system shall connect the external lightning protection system or set up the overvoltage protector, and carry out the equipotential connection in many devices such as the enclosure, the cable in and out of the protected area, the metal pipe, etc. At present CLP huaxing LED street lamp power supply has been through 8000 kv surge voltage test, and the actual use process has not yet happened due to lightning accident caused by fault, this has to do with technology research and development team to pay attention to consider for the customer design, scientific research, the concept of the intimate contact.

5.Energy saving and efficiency

As is known to all, LED street lamp project is the current national energy conservation and emission reduction project representative project. On the light-emitting device, the LED itself has achieved very good energy saving effect, but the power saving has been ignored by the big manufacturers. So the energy saving power supply will undoubtedly be the most important component of future street lamp power supply. With the focus on power supply for many years, sinostar has made great efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of power supply. The current conversion efficiency of LED power products is more than 90%, and some products can be as high as 95%, meeting the requirement of high efficiency for all applications.


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