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Samsung Launched The World's First Cinema LED Display
Aug 16, 2017

Samsung launched the world's first cinema LED display

Is currently the world's major still rely on the projector for screening of the cinema, the film quality are also presented though projector is quite good, but in the future, perhaps we can use the TV screen to see movies in the theater.

Samsung has unveiled the world's first cinema LED display, which may change the industry. The display has a width of about 10.3 meters (33.8 feet) and is 5.4 meters high, which supports 4K resolution. The HDR LED display is designed specifically for cinemas.

Samsung points out that the display will have a strong HDR visual impact, support for ultra-clear 4K resolution (4096 x 2160) and peak brightness of 146fL, 10 times stronger than standard projector technology. In addition, this cinema LED screen has a futuristic feel, with high contrast and ultra-low grayscale options, high contrast, bright colors, ultra-deep black and original white.

It's not clear if the world's theaters will plan to upgrade to the display. But the display has now been installed at the world tower in South Korea.