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Relevant Information Of LED Explosion-proof Lamps
Jul 25, 2017

Relevant information of LED explosion-proof lamps

Drive power supply: led is dc electronic conversion of light energy of semiconductor components, therefore, a stable driver needs to have high performance power supply driver chip, also need the function of the power factor of pu compensation to guarantee the power efficiency, the power supply is considered to be crucial for the whole lamps and lanterns, and led the power quality on the market at present is uneven, ichthyosaurs mixed set, a good drive power supply is not only to ensure the stability of the dc supply, but also fully guarantee the conversion efficiency, the parameter reflects the real energy saving lamps and lanterns. Safe explosion-proof use LED lamps and lanterns are using efficient power supply design, multiple protection function, effective power output target value is not less than 95%, explosion-proof omni power output, the conversion rate of 98% is the industry leading level.

LED light source: you must use high-brightness, high-light, low-light LED chips, and encapsulated gold wire/phosphors/insulating rubber. Safe explosion-proof specializing in the production of industrial lighting, products covered by the professional class USES the use of all kinds of explosion-proof lamps and explosion-proof area lighting lamps and lanterns, quality assurance, high aluminum plate equipped with domestic advanced film coefficient of 2.0 high thermal conductivity aluminum composite panels. It plays an important role in the life of LED.

LED lamps and lanterns look close cooling system structure, the lamps and lanterns of a good in addition to the appearance of high-grade, high quality light source and power supply, and more importantly the structure rationality of shell, it involves LED lamps and lanterns, heat dissipation problems, due to the LED convert light energy at the same time, there is also a part of the electrical energy into heat energy, need to put the hot lead to send out into the air, so as to guarantee the stability of the LED lights, LED lights of high temperature causes droop is accelerated, affect the service life of LED lights. It is worth mentioning the led chip technology constantly improving, conversion efficiency also ascend, transforming electric energy consumption of heat quantity will be less, the cooling device will use thinner, also because of some lower cost, is advantageous to the led, but this is just a technology development direction, for now the parameters of the shell of heat or must focus on. BC9700 high-power LED lamp on the heat dissipation structure fully implements the whole shell heat dissipation, inside and outside the rod structure, increase the radiating surface greatly, the whole lamp light 24 hours after the temperature rise within 15 degrees, which can effectively ensure the service life of the LED and light failure to get the ideal control.

LED lamp lens has also been a lot of time some designers ignored, actually can produce light loss, the refraction of light through the lens of unexpectedly rate is also deeply affect the final output of luminous flux, the better the light transmittance of the lens can reach more than 93, due to the cost of the lens is also more important, therefore some factory in order to save the cost of some use cheap lens material must be secondary materials and light transmittance at around $70, how can see with the naked eye can not deceive consumers, but it is easy to test out the results with instrument, material more bad of the lens, use for a long time will be the result of bad yellow. Safe explosion-proof on light distribution scheme selection of unique patented technology scheme, diffuse light distribution principle of light distribution, which can realize the LED reflective output rate is above 98%, sufficient to achieve effective light reflection to improve effective illuminance values.


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