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Problems With LED Batteries
Jul 25, 2017

Problems with LED batteries

Currently, most solar LED street lighting systems are used in lead batteries, while general lead batteries have short life expectancy and environmental pollution problems. The problem of short life can be solved by using colloidal lead accumulator or winding lead battery. They not only use safety, but also have low self-discharge, deep discharge, good performance, long cycle service life, low floating charge, small floating charging flow and high reliability. However, there is still a problem of lead contamination. Recently the lithium iron phosphate battery has developed rapidly, and its charge and discharge can reach over 2000 times, more than 6 times of normal lead accumulator. And there is no environmental pollution problem, only the current price is more expensive, as a lot of adoption, the price will also decline.

So that solar LED street light cost is too high, poor endurance, was poor, short battery life is the old concept, now the new technology to completely solve these problems, also has cleared the obstacles for the high speed development of solar LED street light.

The development of solar LED street lamp is a kind of important event which is in line with China's national conditions, and is also the top priority for energy conservation and emission reduction. And it can be done by all levels of local governments and companies engaged in solar LED streetlights. It doesn't have to be something that can be done at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of millions of people who are building the three gorges dam. How can we be so happy about this method?


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