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Private Customization, LED Screen Enterprise New Blue Sea
Jul 24, 2017

Private customization, LED screen enterprise new blue sea

In recent years, as the LED display normal market continuously saturated, the market competition intensifies, profit has been compressed, to seek for the profit space, manufacturers are turning to explore high gross margin application market, all kinds of emerging applications conveniently. Among them, because the customized products can effectively match the usage scenarios, and better reflect the customers' taste, they quickly became the new favorite of the LED people.

Said the accused can lead to better get a foothold in the emerging markets, but the "custom" requirement for people because of the different habitat, small batch and many varieties more screen companies into the "customization" have to cross the threshold, compared with "standardize" quantitative production, customization is in the field of high-end products, can enter this area will be industry leader.

In this era of keen to display their individuality, special customized products and services can win the market more quickly, forms of LED display, with vivid, rich, dazzle beautiful diversity, intelligent display effect, coupled with the very eye-catching modelling, the big customer preference is also is easy to understand.

In some ways, a product of the good and bad, success and failure, is mixed with associated with a number of factors, such as personal customized LED display, can show the different style, struck a chord with many more, thus has a strong vitality and development prospects. It is clear that "custom hot" is not so simple to be hot for a while, followed by customization as a new trend that is likely to dominate the high-end market of the whole LED industry.

Era of custom, the screen to the diversification of enterprises must meet the customer requirement, this also to screen enterprise research and development, production, marketing, business management, after-sales service and other aspects put forward higher request, screen companies need to constantly update and improve the whole chain operating system, can better adapt to and service market.

From the surface, LED display screen is the biggest difference between custom screen with normal shape and size, it may be is spherical, cylindrical, may also have such as books, painting and other various unexpected rotor model. Apart from the shape selection, its size and size also have strict rules, there is no deviation. In general, it depends on the scene, not a mold, so it cannot be copied.

That said, the customer to choose customize screen stems from to the LED screen appearance, which is under the perceptual choice, in fact, in both product appearance at the same time, the reason is deeply rooted in the customer's mind, it through the LED display manufacturing industry chain each link, including custom modelling, in many cases are not emotional decision. Give full consideration to the screen when running the special scene, special purpose, including some "psychic" customized LED chip, detail processing, ensure stitching neat, encapsulation, splicing technology of different display effect, or even able to meet the demand of customer personality control system and different from a competitor's buying experience, after-sales service and so on... It is.

Customized products, due to better customer demand, customers' satisfaction with LED display manufacturers will be relatively higher; On the profit side, the "high-end customized" LED display project has a considerable price and a larger profit margin. Custom, as it were, into a direction for the LED industry development, not only can meet the demand of market, enterprise can profit gain in the process of brand promotion, improve enterprise brand advantage, strengthen enterprise competition power.

In the long run, the customization craze has also pushed the industry to pursue better products and promote the overall development of the industry. To sum up, customization has become a trend that will inject new blood into the LED market, which is a test for enterprises and an opportunity for improvement.


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