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On Silicon Substrate LED A Turnaround Will Go How Long?
Jul 11, 2017

On silicon substrate LED a turnaround will go how long?

A household will have LED small bulb, how many magical rich in the elements of science and technology? LED lighting is lighting in the history of mankind following the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp again after the industrial revolution, has a "low energy consumption, high luminous efficiency, long life, super environmental protection, super wide application" such as significant advantages. Today, the national development and reform commission has selected the LED as a key product in the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" energy conservation and emissions reduction, "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning focus on special" has LED lighting included.

Deputy to the National People's Congress, hebei pengyuan Zhu Liqiu enterprise group chairman, proposed to accelerate the industrialization development of large-scale silicon substrate LED technology, rise for the national strategy of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period, to rewrite the history of the LED lighting world "Chinese core" priority to get sustainable development in China, gradually to move towards the world, "Chinese core" with "Chinese core" lit up the world.

In January 2016, nanchang university vice-chancellor professor feng-yi jiang team "silicon substrate high photosynthetic efficiency gallium nitride based blue light-emitting diodes (leds) project" project won the first prize in national technology invention in 2015 only. The rewritten the history of semiconductor lighting of disruptive technology, changed the sapphire substrate and the United States, Japan, the company monopoly monopoly CREE company silicon carbide substrate LED lighting chip technology, formed the project situation of the three pillars of semiconductor lighting technology, to realize the industrialization in the world. Authorized 68 invention patents, has realized the core parts of each layer has a patent protection. Series with complete independent intellectual property rights of core technology, for the sustained and healthy development of the LED industry in China have laid a solid foundation.

The silicon substrate LED manufacturing technology is different from sapphire and silicon carbide substrate of article 3 of the LED chip manufacturing technology, has four major advantages: one is cheaper than the price of sapphire and silicon carbide silicon materials, and the production efficiency is higher, so the cost is low, can make the LED at a much lower cost than the sapphire substrate chip; Two is a device with excellent performance, the chip good antistatic performance, long life, can withstand high current density; Three chip packaging process is simple, the chip for the top and bottom electrode, single vertical structure, lead in the device package only need single electrode lead, simplify the encapsulation process, saving the cost of packaging; Fourth, with independent intellectual property rights, the product can be sold to the international market, is not restricted by international patents.

At present, the LED lattice lighting enterprise in jiangxi province silicon substrate high-power LED chip has been large-scale production, performance and international companies, laboratory level also maintained the highest level of silicon substrate LED technology. In some segments, silicon substrate LED products, beyond international companies occupy market share the first position, become the LED industry core advantage of compete with international companies. "Chinese core" silicon substrate LED technology avoids the technical barriers of developed countries from the source, opened the space of independent development of LED industry in China and has the ability of large-scale industrialization, of the development of semiconductor lighting industry of our country has significant strategic meaning and industrial value, can be a significant boost in LED lighting industry in China in the international status and competitiveness.

It is because of "Chinese core" silicon substrate LED a number of advantages, international big companies such as samsung and several LED industry giants such as philips, osram, CREE and so on have stepped up efforts in research and development of silicon substrate LED technology. In the face of international enterprise competition pressure, Zhu Liqiu suggestion, to keep the first mover advantage, avoid "to get up early to catch a late collection", promoting the international competitiveness of Chinese original technology of autonomous brand, has become an urgent important topic.

Zhu Liqiu suggest, therefore, to establish the national strategic status of the silicon substrate LED technology, technology research and development, broaden the space industry development, strengthen the core patent layout, speed up product popularization and application.