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Multiple Functions Energy Saving Eyesproof LED Lamp
Jun 14, 2017

In the modern city, it is difficult for us to understand the implications of light to our life, after all, in modern times, we are in any corner of the city can see the light, don't like the past, with natural light sources to sustain life. In fact, we the dependence of the light has never changed, just imagine how much in the human brain "blackout" has become the modern nightmare, and the "dark", is a kind of inherent of derogatory term modern concept.

Our demands for light, is our pursuit, for convenience we need is not vigorous lamps light up the whole room, just to hold it in hand, a lamp is go on which night light, wait for us to go back to bed, however, it can quietly again Around us as we watch, it is light, is also convenient.

New mountain has been making leds in China for more than 20 years, whether it's a new high-end LED display, basic LED consumer goods or equipment.  We have always been innovating to reach the best products.  

Our Product

Xinshan  Products includes the following:

1, LED wall lamp

2, Filament Lamp


We supply LED products in the world a wide range of companies around the world, from a large multinational organization small individual companies.

Recently, shaoxing xinshan has developed a multiple function lamp.

Multiple functions energy saving eyesproof LED lamp has unique modelling, also have the function such as writing lamp, small night lamp, flashlight, mobile phone, mini charge mode.What are you waiting for?




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