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MicroLED Development Potential How Much, Look Here!
Nov 02, 2017

MicroLED development potential how much, look here!

MicroLED has low power consumption, high brightness and high resolution characteristics, development potential is highly anticipated. Taiwan Institute of Technology from 2009 to study this technology, promising to replace OLED, LCD and other current display light source, as the future mainstream display light source.

Known as the next generation of display technology micro-LED (Micro LED) display technology, combined with virtual reality VR and the expansion of real-world AR technology, bringing more than 4K TV resolution and color saturation.

Taiwan Institute of Electronics and Optoelectronic Systems Institute Wu Zhiyi said, Micro LED for the self-luminous display technology, the principle is the LED structure design of the film, miniaturization and array, the LED reduced to at least the original LED 1% , With low power consumption, high brightness, ultra-high resolution and color saturation, fast response, ultra-power, longer life, high efficiency and other characteristics, so attention has become the emerging technology.

Wu Zhiyi pointed out that Micro LED products, the key lies in the "huge amount of grain transfer" technology, not only can reduce production costs, but also enhance the overall resolution, is expected to replace the organic light-emitting diode OLED, liquid crystal display LCD and other current display light source, The main display light source.

According to the LED industry research center (LEDinside) 2017 study pointed out that Micro LED development is excellent, great business opportunities, if the Micro LED display technology to replace the LCD components of the estimated, the market size is estimated to reach 30 billion To 40 billion US dollars; Taiwan Institute of Technology is very optimistic about the technical prospects, early in 2009 from the early investment in technology development, has accumulated considerable experience in process technology.