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Marancia: Fully Supports The Osram LED Chip Expansion Project
Sep 18, 2017

Marancia: fully supports the osram LED chip expansion project

With the rise of green technology and energy conservation, LED industry is one of the main industries in Malaysia, and the country has gradually become the production hub of LED manufacturers. The development and production of LED related industries in Malaysia include LED wafer manufacturing, lighting products and lighting solutions, such as automotive LED, backlighting and display applications.

Malaysian Investment Development Authority (Malaysian Investment Development Authority, hereinafter referred to as the MIDA) executive az mann (his subjects' Azman Mahmud) said: "osram from the 1970 s it rests on the six worship Free Trade area (Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone), we are quite welcomed the osram extension. This expansion will not only create jobs, but also strengthen the value chain of other local LED manufacturers. In addition, the expansion will make Malaysia's LED ecosystem more complete and improve the country's high-tech program production efficiency.

Az, said: "the osram this can choose a country in the world to expand the factory, but osram choice over the past few years continue to deep Malaysia and also reflects the manufacturer investment confidence in Malaysia. For Malaysia, as a better partner of private enterprises, we will continue our efforts to attract more foreign investment and create more job opportunities. At the same time, the company is favored by the manufacturers to provide the appropriate strategic value for the company to profit growth here. MIDA will fully support osram, ensuring that the company completes its expansion smoothly while maintaining the operation of its existing plants. We are pleased with osram's expansion plans and are looking forward to seeing these growth positively impact Malaysia."