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Many LED Display Companies To Change The Product Vest Phenomenon Is Not Uncommon
Nov 06, 2017

Many LED display companies to change the product "vest" phenomenon is not uncommon

Has been "OEM" manufacturing industry in China can be described as popular, as the world-renowned brand of Nike, selling the world's Apple phone and so on, are the list of the famous "OEM" big family. The development of China's LED display manufacturing industry up to now, the "OEM" production has almost become the industry's "Emperor's new clothes," small-screen products, large-screen enterprises to paste the "brand", large screen products printed on Small Logo "Logo" Even this has become a common industry play - Many manufacturers in the production of the screen will not be printed on the product in any trademark, so that buyers better OEM, this phenomenon can be said in the industry Home-cooked, the industry joked that this product called "variable million goods."

In the LED display terminal market, this "variable million goods" abound, resulting in this phenomenon, nothing less than interest driven. As we all know, the current LED display industry emerged a lot of speculation in the nature of small-screen enterprises, they are only responsible for trade, there is no production capacity, but they want to be their own brand, only to find other manufacturers get goods "OEM" There are still some contractors often use other people's products, and their "OEM" reason is more complicated, in addition, there are also some large-screen enterprises because of the absence of certain products to other manufacturers getting goods OEM Phenomenon, and so on.

This also explains why there are so many LED display products on the market frequently "hit the face," Imagine a manufacturer of LED display can be sold to different screen companies, affixed to different brands, and a screen company has four or five A different trademark is more common in the industry, we often say that the industry product plagiarism, serious homogeneity, without any such "OEM" phenomenon "credit" - perhaps it is always the same product products, just changed the "shell "Only. No wonder the current industry product infringement disputes are difficult.

OEM products who will protect the interests of customers

It should be noted here, LED display industry, "OEM" is different from Apple, Nike this core technology to master their own, responsible for the design and development, control sales channels, the specific processing tasks to other manufacturers to do OEM Processing type) "OEM", but after the original manufacturer design and manufacture of the product, by some other screen enterprises in the view, coupled with the latter's brand name to carry out the production, or slightly modified design to produce ODM (original Design and manufacture) of the "OEM." Apple Inc., for example, will mark "Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China" on the back of the product. Products marketed in China will also be labeled "Apple Inc. Made in China" by consumers. Reduce the trust of their products. However, in the LED display industry, end users of such "ODM" products purchased do not know the original manufacturing of the product, so that the customer's trust in the product "brand" is always based on cheating attic.

On the other hand, such an "OEM" chaos not only infringes the product's right to information of the end user, but also sometimes causes the end user to fall into a situation where the quality of the product can not be guaranteed. The current LED display industry has entered a "meager profit era," product costs, the market price has also been very transparent, and some intermediate screen in order to make more profits, only to find as much as possible the lower the price of the manufacturer, and this Manufacturers are often very weak in product design, manufacturing level, product quality, etc. As a result, the factory design is weak, there is no brand advantage, there is no channel; sales productivity is weak, who is cheaper to find who to cooperate, both parties are "speculative" Under the circumstances, who will guarantee product quality?

At the same time part of the "OEM" can not give the customer what they should enjoy the benefits of after-sales service. LED display products as electronic products, customers buy products at the same time also purchased the product with the after-sales service, and "OEM" production will make this service greatly reduced or even completely obliterated, as a direct sales of screen products enterprises, They often do not have the product's service capabilities, only to find the upstream vendors, and upstream manufacturers, the product has been affixed to your "Logo", the customer is your customer, so that both are unwilling Reluctantly, inevitably fall into each other shirk the deadlock, talk about how to protect the quality of after-sales service?

Stick to the brand OEM will eventually no way out

At a time when brand building is becoming more and more important, in the long run, "OEM" is a group of "seven hurt fists" for LED screen enterprises. Although short-term stimulation of certain sales growth will eventually result in a loss of their products , Channels, brands cause harm, as mentioned earlier in the article, "OEM" products manufacturers and direct sales Pingqian both parties accountability is unknown, which will also reduce the self-discipline of some manufacturers to give poor product development space, Whether it is "OEM" or "OEM", once the product is a problem, the trouble is big, we can see that the LED display industry irresponsible "OEM" is tantamount to killing eggs.

OEM chaos also reflects the current lack of brand values in the industry, OEM screen manufacturers and manufacturers only see the immediate interests, ignoring the OEM for the "brand" of deep injury, and stick to the brand, although the screen will make the short term loss Some customers, but in the future can rely on the "brand" power to receive more markets. As Mencius said: There are perseverance of the constant birth. Brand maintenance is more difficult than brand building, LED screen enterprises should always keep in mind: Who is the brand, where the biggest risk lies. For the LED screen enterprises, the brand is a kind of accumulation, an asset, it creates more value to the screen enterprises but also reverse the constraints of the screen enterprises to ensure that their products are stable and safe.

After round after round of reshuffle, the current LED display industry has become increasingly high degree of brand congregation, the formation of "oligarchs" is overwhelming. In an era of highly transparent information, no matter what the difference, end-user recognition will be returned to the "brand". Whether it is the market's ebb and flow of the role of washing off those inferior "OEM" or their "self-destruction" can be foreseen in the future is "OEM" can only be temporary, there will be no way out.