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Listed LED Companies Released Third Quarter Results, Who Is The Performance King
Nov 06, 2017

Listed LED companies released third quarter results, who is the performance king

Recently, various companies have released the first three quarters of 2017 performance report. From the performance reports released by various LED companies point of view, the profitability of the listed companies in the LED industry is still continuing. As of October 26, A-share LED segment has 18 companies announced three quarterly results report, OFweek semiconductor lighting network Xiaobian statistics found that these 18 listed companies in addition to Abison, overclocking three and the British Fute three Apart from the Company, net profit (hereinafter referred to as net profit) of the remaining 15 companies attributable to shareholders of the parent company for the first three quarters of this year all realized a year-on-year increase of 83.33%, of which 4 companies doubled their net profit Growth, the specific situation as shown in the following table:

From the four companies with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 100%, two of the upstream chip companies, Hua Can Optoelectronics, and the downstream applications include three companies, namely Foshan Lighting, Ocean King Lighting and Dongshan Precision. Among the above four companies, Huacan Optoelectronics, Ocean King Lighting and Dongshan Precision all achieved growth by relying on the LED business. Foshan Lighting Co., Ltd. achieved a total investment of 3.8 by reducing the shareholding of Guoxuan High-tech Co., Ltd. and its shareholding companies 100 million yuan of investment income.

In the field of LED chips, Sanan Optoelectronics, the leading enterprise, continued to improve its performance and the quality of its growth continued to improve. The company from January to September 2017 achieved operating income of 6.283 billion yuan, an increase of 40.05%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 2.378 billion yuan, an increase of 58.96%. Sam On Optoelectronics said revenue growth LED demand, resulting in the company in the first three quarters of 2017 attributable to parent company owners of the main business net profit over the previous year a more substantial growth. Another chip company Australian Yang Shunchang net profit growth in the first three quarters of the company's three major business revenue growth. LED business with the new capacity investment, sales revenue increased significantly; lithium battery sales this year, good, while the previous year only from June into the consolidated statements; the same time, metal materials prices rose year on year, a corresponding increase in operating income.

Chip companies, Hua Can photoelectric is the only one performance growth rate of more than 100% of the enterprises. The reason is that during the reporting period, the scale of production capacity of the Company increased significantly and the sales and production rate remained good. The gross profit margin of each quarter of the Company in the first three quarters increased greatly compared with the same period of last year, and the Zhejiang subsidiaries under construction in the fourth quarter started to put into large-scale production and will further contribute to production capacity and profit. This year, the company started to consolidate its revenue and gross margin.

Mid-stream packaging business in the first three quarters of the performance maintained a steady growth, however, the competition in this area is still fierce, concentrated in different segments of the company performance differentiation significantly. State Star Optoelectronics, Ruifeng Optoelectronics, Siu Chi shares have achieved growth. Among them, Guoxing Optoelectronics exerted the pioneering role of high-end products in leading the market and focused on the core products of small spacing, RS series display devices, RooStar white light devices and panel lights, fully demonstrating the talents, technologies, brands and funds Strong advantages, rising international status, successfully among the first half of 2017 global LED packaging plant TOP10. With the continuous improvement of the market share of the Company's products, the Company continued to expand its production. The first quarter of Ruifeng optical growth performance is mainly due to the company operating income increased significantly over the previous year to promote net profit growth.

Industry downstream, in addition to Abison, Infineon and overclocking the first three quarters of the performance decline, the vast majority of enterprises have fully enjoyed the LED lighting demand growth brought about by the industry boom. The main reason for the decline in EBISON net profit was the exchange loss caused by the exchange rate fluctuations. The costs and expenses brought by the projects in the Super League increased. However, the rights and interests of the stadiums had not yet generated any gains. The introduction of high-end talents from home and abroad led to the increase in costs and the goodwill accrued Value and so on. The decline in performance of INVITE is due to the sharp rise in the prices of raw materials as well as the changes in the share of income structure under the influence of the overseas market economic situation and foreign exchange fluctuations, resulting in a decrease in the consolidated gross profit margin over the same period of last year. Overclocking three performance decline in the company's short-term management costs due to rise.

Experienced the industry decline in 2015, the survival of the fittest and the gradual recovery in 2016, and then to fully pick up in 2017, the LED industry has entered the "high concentration of industries, leading companies obvious advantages" status in the future how the capacity expansion and the market Find the right balance between needs, for all leading companies and even the entire industry are crucial, will directly determine the company's continued profitability.

Looking forward to the fourth quarter, the trend of LED chip production capacity shifting to mainland China will continue. LED lighting will further replace traditional lighting alternatives. In the field of display, the industry expects the demand for panel products will continue to be robust and the demand for small-pitch markets will further increase. At the same time, intense competition among industries will also continue. Merger and reshuffle is still one of the key words in the development of the industry.