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Lighting LED Digital Tubes
Jun 21, 2017

Lighting LED digital tubes

Led digital tubes are encapsulated by multiple light-emitting diodes (leds) in an "8" type of device, and the wires have been connected to the inside of the wire, and only by drawing the individual strokes of their strokes, the public electrode. The digital tube is actually made up of seven glowing tubes made of eight, and the decimal point is eight. These segments are represented by the letter a, b, c, d, e, f, g, dp.


1,The control mode is divided into the internal control mode (the internal one is a single chip, the electricity is changed automatically) and the external control method (which requires the external controller to change color).

2, divided by means of change: fixed color and full color; Fixed colour is used for the outline, the whole color can check outline, also can make up the screen display text, video and so on.

3, according to size: D50, D30, diameter; The length is basically one meter (customizable); This needs to be chosen based on actual needs.

4,According to the internal controllability score: 1 meter and 6 paragraphs, 1 meter and 8 paragraphs, 1 meter and 12 paragraphs, 1 m 16 paragraphs, 1 meter 32 segments. So there's a couple of segments of the tube that can be controlled independently; The more a meter, the better it will be for video. If the density is low, or do some chasing effect, do one meter and six paragraphs.

5,according to the number of led: 1 meter and 96 lamps, one meter and 144 lamps; The more lights, the better. Generally, the whole colour is made of one meter, 144 lamps.

6,Power supply: power supply (direct 220V power supply) and low voltage supply (12v power supply, 220V power supply switch); The general choice is low voltage power supply, more reliable and stable, high voltage power supply is easy to burn.

7,Press the point of pixels: one meter 16 is one meter and the tube has 16 pixels. There are six digital tubes, eight digital tubes, 12 digital tubes, 16 digital tubes, 32 digital tubes, and more. The six sections of digital tubes are generally used in contour projects.