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Lighthouse Of The Built-in LED Lamp Polycarbonate Diffuser
Sep 14, 2017

"Lighthouse" of the built-in LED lamp polycarbonate diffuser

We are material quality of life improving, but our pace of life is no longer constantly speeding up, especially in first-tier cities such as shenzhen north life, life pressure, fast, cause we have a lot of sleep problems, unable to sleep, get up not comfortable... Deep in the water every day, count sheep, listen to music... These proverbial cures, often screeching alarm clocks that wake us up from our sleep, are a pain in the neck! Is there a different way to do it? Can let us fall asleep peacefully, happy from dream to wake up! The lighthouse seems to be our saviour.

The lighthouse can mimic the rhythms of sunlight and help you sleep and sleep better. It is beautiful to be awakened by such soft lights every day.

The lighthouse has a built-in high school that can monitor ambient air quality, pollutant levels, temperature and humidity in real time to give you a sense of the condition of the room.

The lighthouse is also a reminder of the real-time state of air quality and the ability to control other beacons at any time, using a smartphone app.

The product is not yet available, according to kickstarter. Currently priced at $249 on the site, it is a 70% discount to the retail price after the listing, and the delivery time is expected in March 2018. And consumers can set unique beacons according to their own preferences.


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