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Leishi Lighting HeiBang On Again A Dome Light Were Unqualified
Mar 03, 2017

Released recently, the more result of sampling observation of household products, lighting, bedding, wooden furniture category, local administration of industry and commerce, quality supervision and administration shall be ordered to client distribution unit to stop selling, and prompt consumers such as found unqualified operators continue selling wooden furniture, please report in a timely manner.

Leishi a dome light were unqualified

On February 22, the anhui province industrial and commercial bureau released the network trade commodity quality random inspection situation. , according to the results of industrial and commercial bureau in anhui province in December 2016, the province network operators sales trading goods clothing shoes and hats, household appliances, decorative materials, daily provisions, the quality of the random inspection. Class 53 of decorative building materials group, 45 group of qualified, unqualified 8 groups. Among them, a "leishi" unqualified absorb dome light to be judged.

The network platform of the sampling shop in taobao, Tmall, 1 and jingdong, involving LED flat light, desk lamp, electric tube, water mouth, spark plug, etc. Among them, a nominal trademark for "NVC", production enterprise for "zhongshan leishi lighting technology co., LTD.", the operator for "wuhu leishi lighting electronic commerce co., LTD." specifications for "NVX18", production batch number for "2015.09.29" dome light X07 convicted "internal wiring project" is not qualified.

In addition, the unqualified products also involves the ceiling lamp, electric tube, water mouth, spark plug etc., the unqualified samples nominal trademark involved in red leaves, fu yu electrical appliances, Angola, ju can other, wind, etc.