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LED Will Usher In A New Era For Lighting
Jul 03, 2017

LED will usher in a new era for lighting

1. Increasing size method: by increasing the effective luminous area of single LED, and increasing the size, the current uniform distribution of the current in the TCL layer will be distributed to the special circuit electrode structure

The change of the comb electrode is intended to achieve the expected luminous flux, but the simple increase of the luminescence area cannot solve the basic heat dissipation and the light emission problem.

2. The silicon base plate inversion method: 1. In the top of the epitaxial wafer P type GaNiMg sedimentary thickness is more than 500 NiAu layer, used for ohmic contact and back reflection 2.d candle N ohmic contact layer formation, the chip size 1 x1mm, P type ohmic contact for square, N ohmic contact comb to ins is carved mask choose candle out p-type layer and multiple quantum well active layer above the N type 3. Sedimentary carveert them, shorten the substrate resistance decreases. 4. Invert the metallized convex point of AlGaInN chip in reverse welding to the silicon carrier with ESD

3. Ceramic bottom inversion method: a large area of light and corresponding ceramic substrate for the structure of eutectic welding electrode is prepared

4. The sapphire substrate transition method: both in accordance with the traditional methods of making ZnGaN chip in the sapphire substrate grow a p-n junction sapphire substrate removal after connecting the traditional four yuan material, make the structure of the upper and lower electrode large blue LED chip

After forming of high-power blue chip encapsulation structure is usually connected to the chip using silver based thermal sedimentary copper base type and then used on the heat sink connected to the aluminum radiator ladder type thermal structure, using the copper base type silver based the high thermal conductivity of the heat sink will chip heat efficiently to the aluminum radiator, aluminum radiator out again, commonly used in silver glue, but silver glue high thermal resistance, and low TG point, so now use tin.