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LED Street Light Aluminum Substrate
Jul 21, 2017

LED street light aluminum plate is a kind of application in urban street lights, solar street light, tunnel lamp, such as a thermal conductivity and thermal conductivity. Usually used in street lamp holder parts, replace the old traditional PCB circuit boards; On aluminum was full of all kinds of lines. The current LED street light aluminum plate with 150 w, 80 w, 72 w, 36 w, 12 w, 14 w, etc. Power generally depends on the size of the lamp head size and its heat dissipation. The service life of the LED street light aluminum plate usually in 100000 hours, high thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance.

lower temperature heat dissipation aluminum. LED street light aluminum plate, can be divided into common type high 

Product features

1, reduce the size of our product, reduce the hardware cost and assembly.

2, to reduce the product operating temperature, prolong the service life of the product.

3, improve power density and reliability of products.

LED street light aluminum substrate

4, in the circuit design of thermal diffusion is extremely effective treatment.

The production process

1, material: in the production of raw materials to cut into the required size.

2, drilling, fixing the plate hole for subsequent processing to offer help.

3, line imaging: in the sheet metal and part of the present line needed.

4, etching: line imaging after keep parts you need. The rest do not need to be partially etched away.

5, silk screen resistance welding: to prevent the welding point being contamination solder, prevent tin into cause short circuit. In the wave soldering resistance welding layer is particularly important, can effective moistureproof protect circuit, etc.

6, silk screen characters: marked with.

7, surface treatment: protect the surface.

8, CNC, the entire plate CNC operations.

9, withstand voltage test: test the line is working correctly.

LED street light aluminum substrate

10, package, shipment: confirm packaging complete and beautiful, the correct number.

Application places

LED lights of aluminum plate mainly applied to the urban expressway, distance, one branch, factories, schools, gardens, all kinds of residential area, garden road lighting, etc.

1, garden road lighting

2, high-grade village road lighting

3, large parking lot lighting

4, sports stadium lighting

LED street light aluminum substrate

5, the school playground lighting