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LED Power Supply Is Continuously Developing To Provide More Favorable Conditions For LED Progress
Jul 13, 2017

LED power supply is continuously developing to provide more favorable conditions for LED progress

In recent years, LED lamps have been developing rapidly and the popularity rate has been greatly improved, which has promoted the development of supporting parts and related fields. LED power supply is one of them. The continuous development and improvement of LED power supply brings greater room for improvement of LED lamps, which also provides more favorable conditions for LED development.

Because the LED light chip is a semiconductor material that is electroluminescent, it needs to be suitable for the LED drive circuit to keep the LED operating current stable. Leds are powered by a voltage current that drives an LED power converter.

Currently, there are many kinds of LED power supply on the market. According to the output mode, LED power supply can be divided into constant flow type, temperature pressure type, pulse drive and ac drive; According to the structure of the circuit, it can be divided into resistance step-down mode, linear transformer step-down mode and electronic transformer step-down mode, etc. According to the installation location, can be divided into external and built-in power.

LED power supply has a significant position in LED industry chain. Its life span and reliability directly affect the length of LED light. Therefore, the mature of LED power supply technology is very important to the development of LED industry chain.

Under the policy, LED lighting market is booming, the application field is expanding continuously, and the performance parameters have been steadily improved. LED lighting is booming, and it also puts forward higher requirements for LED power supply, including power efficiency, power factor, constant current accuracy and electromagnetic compatibility.

However, the shift in the direction of the LED lighting market will take a while to transmit to the LED power supply. This lag leads to the exposure of leds to power supply problems, which in turn affect the popularity of LED lighting.

Specifically, the problems of LED power supply include limited supplier recognition, inconsistent industry standards, high price and poor power supply. These deficiencies directly affect the development of LED lighting market and delay the pace of LED lighting replacing traditional fluorescent and incandescent lamps.

At the same time, the challenge of LED power supply is mainly reflected in three aspects. One is to improve the life span and prolong the use of lamps. The second is to improve efficiency and maximize the energy saving effect of the lamps. Third, reduce the cost and increase the penetration rate of LED lighting.

However, these challenges are also the future direction of LED power supply. In addition, leds drive power supply to minimize the volume of driving power, especially for portable products; Meanwhile, it can improve the reliability of driving power supply and ensure the safety of LED.

In general, LED lighting will develop in the future with the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and long life. But in order to do so, it will need to further improve the development of LED power supply.