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LED Lights Will Be Included In The FDA's Regulatory Range, And Customs Clearance May Face A Double Whammy
Jul 19, 2017

LED lights will be included in the FDA's regulatory range, and customs clearance may face a double whammy

LED lights will be covered by the FDA.

It is understood that after this rule is implemented, LED lamp products may face double "checkpoint" audit, in addition to customs clearance, it may require FDA clearance. But this change involves only the LED lights themselves, not the ones that use LED lights (such as lamps with no LED lights themselves).

According to the personage inside course of study introduces, LED lights have been included in the scope of the FDA's regulatory, the requirement of the logistics industry will be more strict on exports, need the customers receive the goods, the clear production factory, refuse to receive not normal product.

At the same time, in the provision of clearance materials, the manufacturer of LED lights shall be provided together with the manufacturer's information, including the manufacturer's name, address and contact number, so as not to bring the clearance delay.

It is reported that if you only use LED light but do not have the LED lamp, please clearly mark clearly in the clearance material.

According to industry insiders, the regulation was only recently implemented, so it should not be too strict for some time to come.